Tuesday, September 23

no longer equal

Yesterday someone reminded me that on the first day of autumn daylight and night were equal. Starting today, the daylight hours will begin to shorten and darkness will become more predominant. Darker mornings later. Darker evenings earlier.

Really. Doesn't it make you cringe when people share depressing news? I am a person of sunlight. Give me lots of sunshine and my spirit is happy!

I do NOT look forward to the long winter ahead of darker days.

My plan is to put a little ray of sunshine optimism into my days ahead as I'd like to plan specific projects to keep a smile on my face. Besides having a couple of baby quilts to work on which I'm way behind on (!), I also have a quilt project that my girls can help with and I need to get that put together so they, too, will have something to do which will be enjoyable and help pass the long dark hours. With certainty, there are several activities that could be added to my list.

And I'll get to that list right after I'm done enjoying the fleeting spectacular colors of fall in the days ahead!

Enjoy your garden day even though the daylight hours are shortening!

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