Thursday, September 18

an opportunity

We are hosting a small group Bible study in our home for eight weeks and last night was our first gathering. Our church as a whole is doing a series on the peacemaking church with weekly sermons, children's and youth ministry covering the topic weekly as well as home studies.

The first night's key principle was: Conflict is an opportunity.

How many of us think of conflict as being an opportunity? Not many, I'm guessing. Yet our lives are constantly filled with conflict when you look at the definition the study gives for conflict: a difference in opinion or purpose that frustrates someone's goals or desires.


Yup, it's a pretty daily thing in my life as a homeschool mom. And I'll bet it's a pretty daily thing in most women's lives even if they aren't homeschooling.

So how can it possibly be an opportunity? Our response to conflict can be an opportunity to glorify God.

How many times is our initial reaction to conflict one which would please and honor God? Bring glory to Him?

With life's plate overflowing right now, I can easily say it isn't my first response. But my heart's desire is to have a God glorifying response whether the conflicts are trivial or huge.

So you know what I'll be working into the soil of my garden path in the days ahead....and I'm asking the Master Gardener to help me out on this one!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

I will try to remember your wise words, Tammy.

Karen said...

I had not thought of conflict as an opportunity but I see what you mean. If we are using all areas of our lives to glorify God, then handling conflict should be one as well. Good thought.

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