Wednesday, September 17

an overflowing plate

My plate is overflowing!

The good thing is that it isn't my real plate overflowing with food and lots of things I shouldn't be overindulging in that aren't good for me.

The bad thing is that it is my plate of life which is overflowing with too many commitments, activities, responsibilities, and whatever else you want to add on this day as I will hardly notice them being added in the process of overflowing. The result, of course, is that Living Well - in all its various areas - is lost somewhere in it all :::sigh:::

The good thing is that part of my overflowing has been adding something back into my schedule with the early morning women's Bible study group meeting again early Wednesday mornings (which is also why I'll probably be late posting here every Wednesday unless I'm organized the night before). With this addition back into my schedule, I am now blessed to be back studying the book of Philippians - best known as the *joy* book of the Bible - which is EXACTLY what I need to get my focus back to what it should be while my plate is overflowing since *joy* has not been in the forefront of my's been more a daily combination of irritation, frustration, and annoyance ruling my days. The other blessing is being back within a group of women who sincerely care and love one another as they provide support and encouragement AND some wonderful ideas to deal with the overflowing plate syndrome.

So I hope that if you are in a season of life's plate overflowing, that you, too, have a portion of good overflowing to encourage your days and help you get back on track with Living Well!

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Joan said...

I started back to my Wednesday morning Bible studay today also. We are doing the life of Moses. My schedule just doesn't seem complete with out my regular study. Even though I am busier now, I seem to get more done. Go figure.
Have a blessed day!

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