Monday, September 15

a slippery lid

Yesterday I was finally able to complete my big canning clean-up from Friday. Most of it had been taken care of on Saturday, but I hadn't gotten around to boxing up all the jars and taking them down to the food pantry.

Although I had tested all my jars late Friday night before bed to make sure all the lids sealed on the jars, I did it once again yesterday. Yup, since every lid stayed down perfectly, I proceeded to take all the bands off the jars and then date the lids with my marker. One last task to do this time though as in one load a jar broke during the processing and there were tomatoes all over the place inside the canner. So it meant washing down each jar which would be a quick process. No problem.

What?! Suddenly I was startled when one jar's lid completely slid off the jar. I just kind of stood there looking at it. This had never happened before! I had tested each jar's lid TWICE and was amazed that this jar had totally fooled me! It was a relief to know that I had to take the extra step to wash each jar down or there would have been a very spoiled jar of tomatoes down in my food pantry this winter.

And as I was putting the jars away, I thought of two different circumstances in life today that can do the same thing. The one that easily comes to mind is politics. Late yesterday afternoon I had a phone call survey. After a few minutes into the survey, it was easy to see the bias as the caller went into a series of questions about a current congressman and his performance. As the caller prefaced each question with, "So and so *says*" or "So and so *will do*", I finally stopped her and said that I couldn't agree with any of the statements because what the congressman SAID was not what the congressman had DONE and most likely will NOT do. Politics is just one of those things that appear true as candidates speak, but upon further examination of their record you can determine whether or not they are true. And sometimes you have to take another step to confirm whether the lid will slide off or not candidate is being accurate because all may look good from the initial examinations.

The other circumstance that doesn't perhaps come as easily to mind is the church of today. I can remember reading in the New Testament years ago the warnings about false teachers and thinking to myself how easy it would be to spot them. Yes, some are a bit easier to spot as New Age teachings, but there are some theologies that are much more smoothly entering the church and whose books are easily found in any Christian bookstore. Upon initial examination what is taught may sound good to the ear, a tickling perhaps, but upon looking closer and checking other resources the lid will slide off doctrine presented may not be solid Christian theology and may be, in fact, actually pulling believers off course.

Ah, yes, truth. I am thankful for the simple truth which Jesus spoke in John 14:6 - "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

May your garden path be patterned with truth today!

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