Saturday, September 27

a soccer tournament

A full day of soccer is ahead! Both girls are playing in tournaments today and we'll be out of the house by 7:30 AM. Between the two of them, there'll be a game each hour with the final one at 4 PM. I just checked the weather and the rain and storms which came through during the night appear to be moving out of our area in time for the games to begin. But with this precipitation during the night comes much cooler weather :::sigh::: I didn't realize how wonderful the weather really had been until finding out last night that we were almost TWENTY degrees warmer than average!

A full day of soccer ahead will be a good test of my team. My little group of eight remains undefeated as we enter this tournament. And they are excited to play today! Very excited! The emphasis is teamwork and good sportsmanship. We'll see how it goes.....

Off to get ready while the house is quiet as soon the whirlwind begins!

Enjoy the weekend plans in your garden whatever they may be!

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