Saturday, September 13

strolling along

When my older ones were home over Labor Day weekend, I couldn't resist taking a picture before we took a walk one day.

Guess which stroller is mine? LOL! Ah, yes, that sweet little blue umbrella stroller is mine and has served three babies quite well thank you very much and has now been put into use for my grands. When I had my first baby, I did have a real nice stroller which lasted a long time until those thingies down by the wheels broke which made it impossible to steer. I tried various things to fix it, but nothing worked. Oh well.

But, wow! The new strollers are pretty sweet and now have the infant car seat option as well. My daughter's *cadillac* of a stroller was a wonderful baby shower gift and will definitely be used much.

And autumn is the perfect time to be strolling babies before winter comes upon us.

Except if you live down in Texas. Do be praying as Hurricane Ike comes to shore!

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