Saturday, September 20

a week completed

The greens of summer are fading and color is beginning to burst out in the woods around us. It looks to be another beautiful fall day!

Due to a community event being held where our local soccer fields are located, we have the day OFF from soccer games. Most games were rescheduled over the past week on practice nights, but both my girls ended drawing a *bye* when they revamped the schedule, so we'll have a nice long stretch OFF. It is just what I needed....a slight break as we are adjusting to our new fall routine.

Yesterday we didn't get finished with school corrections until mid-afternoon. When I was finished with that task, I then had a couple of errands to run. Finally I began canning the two bushels of tomatoes that I had picked up the afternoon before. I turned the final canner - the sixth one - off shortly after 1 AM. There are no longer any quart canning jars left in my storage....I have used every single one this canning season! It must be a good sign that goes along with the massive amount of acorns our oak trees are dropping right now. Perhaps a hard winter ahead? I still have my pint and half jars reserved to can carrots sometime in the next week or two and could can more tomatoes in pint jars as I think there's maybe a canner's worth left on the shelves.

All that to say.....our work is completed for the week and we're going to enjoy this break in our soccer schedule to do a little traveling. My newest princess granddaughter is being dedicated at their church tomorrow and we look forward to being there :-)

Enjoy this fall day in your garden!

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Tammy said...

Don't you just love those bye weeks?! Would you believe my sons don't have any byes this football season? But they both had out-of-area (more than 20 miles away) games this weekend and I have taken a no-travel position on football games so at least I get the weekend off. My high schooler is getting to play a lot last year after barely touching the field last year so it's been good for his athletic self. Enjoy!

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