Thursday, October 16


Early this morning I made the decision. Now or Never. It's time to get the carrots out of the garden and be done with canning for the year!

Typically I'm out in the garden pulling carrots during an October snow storm, so it was a nice treat to be in the garden without the snow even though the temperature was in the 30's. Plus the sun was shining first thing in the morning which always makes everything well within my world.

The end result was a big box of carrots of the typical unusual variety. Short, long, thin, fat, double branched, and everything in-between. Oh, and numb fingers for the gloved carrot digger.

It was a long day of standing at the kitchen sink peeling carrots while listening to music. My faithful carrot cutters appeared off and on throughout the day to help. And finally, around bedtime, we were officially done with the carrots and necessary clean-up.

The end result was 24 beautiful jars of carrots, a large dish of cooked carrots for supper, and a handful of peeled carrot sticks for the kids to nibble on in the days ahead. Oh, and one tired mama with achin' legs!

It's just nice to check this job off my list. Now I can say, "Let it snow!" LOL!

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Heasleye said...

Whew! Makes me tired just looking at your pics! Congrats on such an accomplishment! Yumm... :)

Karen said...

Oh, the finished result is gorgeous. And I'm sure in a few days your legs will think it was worth it.


Charlene said...

I have always wanted to do things like this! Somewhere inside this girl is a "country" girl. I'm crazy for it really. I planted two cucumber plants and tied them to the cyclone fence this summer and 2 pepper plants that the neighbors tree overgrew and didn't get enough sun and then two tomato plants each in large containers! Once I went to a farm and picked strawberries and made freezer jam and I was sooo proud of myself! I also tried herbs this year and have them inside now - not sure how they are going to do most things don't last the winter in my house!

The Arthur Clan said...

Wow ~ you had a hauge crop! Your family is going to enjoy that for a long time to come.

Angie in OH

mom said...

Charlene, you ARE a gardener at heart!

I am so so tired today...I think it's just the consequences from yesterday. And I noticed that I have these really cool orange hands today from handling all those carrots! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

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