Saturday, October 4

the end of the season

There is still a smile left in my garden.

After I was done planting this spring, I tossed in some old cosmos flower seed in a spot that was still open. Unfortunately I forget to tell my children who were weeding a few weeks later until I saw one of them working on that area. Stop! Quickly I showed them the little flower plants. Only two plants survived.

And now they are blossoming! Profusely! But alas, their season will be short as our weather keeps changing.

Having a busy day yesterday lead me to finally getting into the garden around 9 PM with a son who carried a flashlight to give us additional lighting as the outdoor house lights didn't quite reach the garden well enough. We pulled the acorn, yellow, and zucchini squash as well as the leftover cucumbers. Dug out the onions and pulled all the green peppers. Grabbed a handful of tomatoes which didn't look affected from the frost the night before. Covered up the kohlrabi with a sheet and went in to bed.

This morning the earth is covered with another heavy frost. Today I hope to take down my cornstalks and do all the miscellaneous clean-up leaving only the carrots for pulling perhaps next week as well as the hardy kohlrabi. Oh, and there's still some lettuce in the garden which seems to be edible yet as it's a bit more protected where it is planted.

Yes, the end of my gardening season is here.

Yes, the end of my soccer season is here as well. Today is our last game as all the uniforms will get turned in after we are done. My game bag got cleaned out yesterday and is reorganized and ready to get turned in as well.

It's been a good season on both accounts and for this I am very thankful!

I hope there's something to smile about in your garden during this season :-)

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