Friday, October 17

flowers of another kind

It was like stepping into another era as I got dressed this morning. The era of the early days of homeschooling which meant if you were a homeschool mom you needed to wear a denim jumper daily as a form of identification. Sometimes I cringe as I consider many of the homeschool stereotypes from that time period in the 80's.

Ahhh, you've come a long way, baby!

As evidenced by the numerous homeschooling moms blogging in today's world, we are a varied bunch with our own styles of homeschooling. There is no right way anymore. The right way is what works for your family as a multitude of resources are now available. And I think that's rather cool :-)

So now when I step into one of the rare denim jumpers that I've kept in my closet, it's most likely because it's something pretty to wear for the day. Like this one with the flowers. Or like another one with multi-colored embroidered flowers. All the rest of my plain denim jumpers have gone into the pile for the denim quilt I'm making for our cabin.

And while wearing my flowered jumper today, I'll be easily reminded that the Lord doesn't care about outward appearances. It's all about the heart.

May your heart be in the right place before the Lord today no matter what you are wearing!

Tammy ~@~


The Arthur Clan said...

What a lovely reminder of what is really important to our Lord...our heart.

It's been a joy to stop by here!

Angie in OH

linda said...

I wasn't a homeschool mom but I loved my denim jumpers too...with tights no less!

mom said...

Ah, yes, tights :-) AND, living where I do, long underwear in the winter could be spotted under those jumpers!

Tammy ~@~

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