Thursday, October 9

it's apple season!

On our first wedding anniversary, my parents gave us two apple trees. One tree didn't survive all the years, but we still have one tree that produces some apples each year.

Recently when I was cleaning out our garden, I took a minute to walk over and check out this year's crop. Of course, the apples on the lower branches are now gone as the deer will actually stand on two legs to nab them off the tree, but there are still apples on the upper branches waiting to be picked. And they are still waiting for the menfolk around here to get at that task.

We are blessed to have apple orchards within driving range. One of my older sons had picked up a bushel of apples when passing through the apple orchards north of us a couple weeks ago and then last weekend another son went with a family and he, too, brought home a bushel of apples from apple orchards south of us. Then yesterday at women's Bible study a friend had apples in her car and she shared a couple with me. It was a type of apple I've never tasted before, but it's apparently the new rave in yummy apples. Honeycrisp! YUM!

The kids are eating them daily - let's say we have a real, um, *regular* household right now - and I'd better hurry if I want to make some of those apples into applesauce, which really is a fall family favorite, before they are all gone. Fresh warm applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon! YUM!

Apples. Apples and children. My children are the apples of my eye! I'm writing about the topic over at Heart of the Matter Online today. Grab an apple and go and read!

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ChiGirl said...

GMTA!! I bought 2 big bags of apples yesterday to make applesauce with. fall favorite. And Chummy is at the right age to enjoy some with us!! :-)

mom said...

Yay! AND you can have the little queen help you by cutting up apple pieces with a butter knife :-) YUM!

linda said...

We love apples around our house too. Warm applesauce sounds so good about now.

The thought of deer standing up on 2 legs to get to the apples struck me as strange but in a good kinda way. I just never pictured them doing that kinda thing but I guess it's not unusual. They need to eat too!

mom said...

I'd love to get a picture sometime of the deer doing that as they especially seem to stand on only their hind legs in our front yard by the crabapple tree!

Tammy ~@~

The Arthur Clan said...

I have not had homemade warm applesauce since I was a little girl and my mom made it for us ~ I think that might be something I need to try out with my kids now. It's certainly one of my happy memories of childhood!

Angie in OH

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