Saturday, October 25

the jewelry families

Okay, you can tell I'm having a lazy Saturday morning when I put up two posts in one morning! LOL!

Yes, I've been sitting at my desk putzing around on this gray rainy day while listening to my littlest one playing nearby. No, she didn't follow the kids rule of sleeping in late on a Saturday morning, but instead has been hanging out in my bedroom since early this morning as there is no one else around to hang out with anywhere in the house.

Several weeks ago we had re-arranged the girls bedroom to allow more privacy for the oldest sister in the room. When we did that, I plopped *stuff* that was piled on dressers, pushed under beds, crammed into drawers and put it into boxes which I took into my room. My task has been to sort through all the *stuff* and, um, dump it into the garbage organize it a bit for the girls.

So, this morning my littlest ran across the box where I was tossing all their jewelry as I sorting through their things. It really is a random collection of typical little girl jewelry and beads as well as the collection of grandma's jewelry which they can play with when in the mood.

It was really quite entertaining to listen to her as she sorted them into random families who took residence all over my bedroom. Some on a pillow, some on the floor, some on a blanket, some on a chair, some by my desk.

The jewelry families conversations were quite fascinating to listen to as she had them travel from home to home visiting one another. She never skipped a beat as I went to get another cup of thankful and her play continued until she heard an older sister get up. All the jewelry families were gathered up and put away into the box for another time.

You know, I just can't wait until this littlest one gets old enough to start doing some creative writing. Who knows? Someday you may be purchasing books written by my famous daughter author :-)

Enjoy your day with or without jewelry...hee hee!

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ValleyGirl said...

Oh, to have the imagination of a child!! It never ceases to amaze me what my girls use as toys. Makes me wonder why the heck we even bother buying REAL toys!!

The Arthur Clan said...

I agree with kids always prefer the "non-toys" to the real toys that I get them.

I really enjoyed your description of your daughter at play. My only girl has moved on from that type of play and I miss it so much. What a beautiful treasure daughters are to their moms!

Angie in OH

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