Monday, October 6


Ha! I'm so silly thinking that if I avoid thinking about it, talking about it, not turning the calendar page, and running from it, there's not a chance of it happening. HA! Time does keep ticking regardless of all those things and birthdays do happen. Especially big number birthdays.


It's hard to ponder when your heart is left back at twenty-five. Wasn't that me just married and starting a family? Wait a minute, I still feel young at heart!

Half a century.

The hardest part is the sense that time IS flying by rapidly and each day is a step closer to eternity. Oh, I have no fear of the ending, in fact, I'm excited about eternity. However, there are still so many things I'd love to do before then....and feels like there'll be no time to do them as life is so full now. Kind of makes me feel a tad bit depressed.


Then someone mentioned Jubliee! This is a year of being jubilant and celebrating! Of course, I love the part of the Biblical definition of Jubilee which speaks of canceling all debts. Wouldn't THAT be wonderful?! It is a year of liberty, of freedom. A joyful turning point. And that gives me something to think about which helps me to look forward with joy.

Come back a year from now and I'll tell you all about what the Lord has done in my life that has brought me joy!

Until then, enjoy this day in your garden!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 50th! It's really not so bad. I've been 50 since Aug. 11, and and I'm beginning to reap some of the benefits. AARP has some good travel discounts!:)

I did get a kick from a conversation my daughter and her roommate had recently when I went to visit her. My daughter had to plan a surprise 50th for her boss. She asked her roommate, "Don't you think Dan (her boss) looks a LOT older than my mom?" Made my day!

Bonnie said...

Oh, Tammy, have a wonderful Jubilee! I remember that day (11 years ago!) It's just a number, but it does give you pause! Since being 11 years on this side of 50, I can tell you, life is good, God is good -- His wonderful plan for His people is good!

Yes, the physical tabernacle requires a little more attention, but oh, the joys of seeing new generations rise up are much worth it! God bless you, Tammy -- may your husband praise you and your children call you blessed!

Bonnie in FL

mom said...

Yes, an envelope from AARP arrived the week prior to my birthday! It did give me a chuckle! LOL!

Thank you for the word of encouragement, Bonnie! It adds to my jubilee :-)

Tammy ~@~

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