Wednesday, October 29

leftover blech

Last week Joan left a comment here about leftovers that made sense. She said that she puts the leftovers away before she sits down to eat to keep from taking seconds. Now I'd probably have a hard time doing it that way as I have teenagers in my home that will refill their plates during the meal. However, if the kitchen worker of the night is slack in doing their duties after the meal - which is typically when my husband and I are still at the table chatting about a topic that isn't interesting enough to eavesdrop upon so they wander out of the kitchen - then I find myself eating a bit more so the kitchen worker doesn't put a few spoonfuls of leftovers into a bigger container than necessary.

So, this comes down to two things both of which come down to child training. One - make certain that the child who has the kitchen helper job for the night does it immediately following the meal so all leftovers are put away; and two - be more hands-on instructive showing them how to look further in the cabinet for leftover containers of the right size so I'm not driven crazy by those huge containers with only a little food in them hogging space in my refrigerator.

AND get back to being better disciplined myself by not eating the leftovers! Period! (I had been doing very well on this very thing for a long time and I'm unhappy with myself for slipping!)

Okay....all those things are well and good to ponder. But sometimes you need a real lesson about leftovers to learn even better and actually apply what you've learned.

Like yesterday.

There was a leftover container from one of my older sons who ate at a Chinese restaurant on Sunday. This kid is typically more picky about his foods, so it was no surprise that he had a good sized portion that he brought home. And it looked good....mmmmm.....rice with some kind of chicken in a reddish sauce with broccoli. So, I warmed it up for myself for lunch and quickly understood why he probably didn't like it much because it was rather spicy. After eating the portion I had, all that spicy wasn't sitting in my stomach very well. In fact, it made me feel kind of sick. Blech. And then I also remembered that this was the kid who has been dealing with a blowing your nose kind of cold the last bunch of days. Blech again. When I was sharing with him about eating his cold germ-filled spicy leftover, he told me that so and so had also shared some of his meal at the restaurant. Blech and ewwwww! Spicy-sick germs-other people's germs-mingled-in-leftovers. Now isn't that enough to make anyone's stomach turn?!

Please don't misunderstand me about leftovers. I do believe that many things actually taste better when they are going on their second or third eating. However, it's important to be wise. And not to let our eyes be wise for us because they'll eat just about anything and everything(!), but to apply wisdom to our ALL eating decisions whether it be a snack, a freshly cooked meal, or leftovers.

Trust me, I'll be on the leftover blech wagon for awhile now.....

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ChiGirl said...

YECH!! Oh, Mom!

Tina said...

YIKES. . well, if he shared with my so and so, he has good germs LOL.

The Arthur Clan said...

Yuck...I would have been feeling blech after that one too!

Angie in OH

mom said...

No, it wasn't your so and so! LOL! Someone else...

Tammy ~@~

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