Wednesday, October 1

minus 300

From my gardening flip calendar today:

Think of your garden as an outdoor health club. Even light gardening burns almost 300 calories an hour.

As I read this statement, it made me sad. I'm coming to an end of this season's gardening. My garden is slowly but surely being cleaned up and at the first word of a *hard frost* the whole project will move much more quickly as the squash will need to be pulled, the onions dug up, and the tomatoes and green peppers covered. The kohlrabi typically will survive a frost and I actually think a frost sweetens the carrots perfectly before I pull them out of the ground to can.

But soon gardening will be one less regular activity for me. Raking will be added into our days right after the garden clean-up is completed, but that activity will be short lived as we do what we can before it gets too cold. And we'll be losing daylight hours at the same time as well as losing those regular 300 calories an hour of exercise! Oh dear, it's making me feel even sadder as those long winter months loom ahead.....

Fortunately with the fall months I do tend to fall back into my exercise routine of Curves three days a week as well as walking twice a week. I'm still falling into that routine as we get settled with our schooling, but each week it's getting a little better. And this routine will be a great benefit for the stress that does come from being indoors so much.

How about you? Does your exercise routine change with the seasons?

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Miss*Suzanne said...

I'm sad too!!! I opened the door this morning to let the dogs out and it was cold outside! I looked at the pool and knew my swimming days are over for the year and then looked over at the pots on the deck and saw my summer annuals dried up.

Maybe a trip to buy some mums is in order today! :)

On the bright side, it's a lot easier to work outside with a slight chill in the air then with the blazing sun on our backs!

Have a great day!
Suzie ;)

ValleyGirl said...

For sure, my routine changes! Although I try to keep walking my 2 miles regardless of the season, it's definitely easier (not to mention more enjoyable!) in spring and summer when it's warmer and brighter in the early mornings. We're already to the point where I can't get a walk in before my girls have to get up to get ready to go to school. So that means the squeaky old elliptical will start getting more attention, I guess.

My garden's been done for a while already ~ but then the frost comes a fair bit earlier up here on the Canadian prairies! I've still got a huge box of tomatoes though that I need to deal with and my carrots and potatoes are still in the ground as well.

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, here in the south, the absense of humidity and the chilier mornings are more motivating to me so I'm eager to get outside. There are months when it is difficult to breath outdoors much less work. This is our first week, this Fall, of 70+ degree days and cooler nights so I love it.
Mama Bear

Joan said...

I pretty much do the same exercise all year round. nuthin'. Sad I know. I'm thinking of starting some sort of Christian Yoga thing at home for my quiet time. Neck and joint pain keep me from doing exercise.

Sounds like you've got a plan. Keep up the good work.

God Bless

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