Saturday, October 25

only rumors?

Yup, that four letter word has been tossed around quite a bit the last couple of days in conversations everywhere you go. My kids have learned not to use this word in the house around their mother.


It is almost November when we do tend to see a bit of the white stuff. Plus the guys love it for hunting season around Thanksgiving, so it isn't really a surprise this time of the year. BUT, am I ever ready for SNOW?

It's not that I don't enjoy the white stuff, truly I December, January, February. Then we can get buried in the stuff as snow storm after snow storm comes through the area. I'm all about the "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" stuff then. But October? March, April, May? Naw, not for this mama!

The forecast for tomorrow is a rain/snow/windy kind of day gradually turning over to all snow which will carry into Monday's forecast as well. Perhaps the weather forecasters will be as inaccurate about this forecast as they were about rain forecasts they gave us all summer that never showed up.

A mother can hope.......

Have a great day in your garden whatever the weather!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

Ugh, snow is such an ugly word. Well, no, you're right ~ in December, January, and February it's fine. November and March I can tolerate it, but I'm with you ~ that word should NEVER be spoken in October, April or May!!

And while I'm dreaming.... {sigh}

The Arthur Clan said...

Snow already?? In my mind, that's just plain awful! I like snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...after that I'd like it to move on to another state somewhere far, far away from me. :)

I'm feeling sorry for you right now Tammy, I really am.

Angie in OH

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