Thursday, October 30

a rainy season

It has been a week of raining. What? you say. What about that snow? Yes, we did get some snow early in the week. But it's not that kind of precipitation that I'm talking about this morning.

It's been raining tears from broken hearts.

Three friends have been in touch with me this week all who have been greatly hurt by the consequences of other people in their life. Each one needed someone trusted to talk to, but primarily they needed someone to pray for them, to cry with them, to tell them they were loved. Each dear to my heart in their own way, it was a task that I was available and honored to do.

And these three friends are the tip of the iceberg as I look further into my life and the others that I know who are also raining tears for difficulties in their lives often caused by others or by circumstances that are hard to understand.

You know, it's one thing to be crying over things that you've done personally and which have their natural consequences. Often our crying comes from hitting our heads into the wall for being so foolish. But it's a much deeper pain in our hearts when the tears flow from difficulties which we have no control over. People make decisions and we are affected by them.

That is when we need to take our eyes off the puddles of tears all around us and look upward to our Heavenly Father who does have control over all things. Nothing that has happened is a surprise to Him. He knows. He is there. He is faithful.

As much as I would like to spare those close to me from the hardships that break their hearts, I know that these very things will cause them to be strengthened as they put their roots down even deeper into God's love becoming even more established in their faith. It is a time in which I can use the prayer found in Ephesians 3:14-21 as Paul prayed for believers. It is a time which I can be thankful for a God who always hears, always answers, always loves.

Having spent a day with an attitude of prayer was even more meaningful at the end of the afternoon when I walked to my car with a cart full of groceries and realized that I locked my keys INSIDE my car. Instead of banging my head on my car over the consequences and crying, I calmly whispered another prayer of thanksgiving for being prompted to take my cell phone along - which I hardly ever use - when I left the house so I could call home. I was thankful to know that at that time of the day there was someone there who could rescue me with my extra set of key. And I was thankful to have those moments of waiting in the crisp autumn air to breath in the freshness of the air after the rain that had fallen throughout the day and thank God for being Who He is in my life.

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Denise said...

Bless you dear one.

The Arthur Clan said...

It really is a such a pleasure for me to read your thoughts and to hear the joy and thankfulness you have in life. Your friends are so blessed to have you in their lives. Your ministry of prayer is must mean a lot to them.

Thank you Tammy for all you do!

Grammy said...

I am so glad you can see the positive in your time of need. It is so important to have a good friend. Even if you are only a ear to listen. It is hard to go though bad things. But some how they are for the best. It some time takes a long time to find out what was so good about it. And hard to let go if life is full of tragedy. If the friend could see and point out how thing will be better. And help them just to smile or laugh there life can turn around.

Donna Boucher said...

You are a wise and dear friend.

I am thankful for you, Tammy.

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written! You have a wonderful way with words. I hope those tears ease up soon!
In Him,

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