Wednesday, October 15

a refreshing calendar

Am I the only one who ever says, "When such and such (fill in the blank) finishes up or once this season (pick winter, spring, summer, or fall) is done, then I'll finally have time to take a breather!" And then when those things do reach completion, you find that life is just as busy as before. In fact, it is perhaps even busier because you *maybe* added more things onto the calendar thinking there would be more time to be able to do them. HA!

As I was thinking about my anticipated slowdown coming up, I took some time to seriously look at the calendar. HA! What was I thinking? Slowdown? Anyone notice that Thanksgiving is a little over a month away which means Christmas is right behind it. YIKES!

I need a break and I don't mean a relaxation break, but a refreshment break. I just love this quote:

"But while relaxation is one thing, refreshment is another. We need to drink frequently and at length from God's fresh springs, to spend time in the Scripture, time in fellowship with Him, time worshiping Him." ~ Ruth Bell Graham

Living Well means a lot of different things, but perhaps this is the most important. Times of refreshment with the Lord. It seems especially essential considering my upcoming calendar. There is no way I will do well in all my other aspects of Living Well without keeping my time with the Lord a priority. When that is a priority, it is easier to keep my calendar in proper perspective. Perhaps there are things that can be eliminated when I filter them through the light of God's Word as well as things that may be valuable to add to my days.

How about you? Are times of refreshment with the Lord finding a place on your calendar?

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Miss*Suzanne said...

I really like your post this week! I've been feeling the same way. I think the Lord is always helping us prioritize, if we will just take the time to listen.

Have a wonderful week!
Suzie ;)

The Arthur Clan said...

Your post is beautiful Tammy and I love the quote you shared from Ruth Bell Graham. It is something I definitely need to remember on the many busy days we have around here.

Angie in OH

Joan@More God=less me said...

Ditto, Tammy,

Love the Ruth Bell Graham quote too. Tis the season to get busy! I agree that I can't do it all without my God. I pray that God will help us to accomplish much with our time so that we always have time for Him.


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