Saturday, October 11

the sound of prayer

After a couple of early morning hunters within my household turned off all the lights and left, I heard the sound while lying in bed contemplating whether to get up or not.

A helicopter.

The only time we hear a helicopter is when it's arriving from a larger hospital center and landing at our small local hospital which is less than five minutes from our house. When we hear it we know that there is a medical emergency that our local hospital is incapable of handling and there are urgent care needs of a patient.

A helicopter means prayer. Prayer for the pilot, for the medical personnel here and there, for the patient, for the patient's family. For people whom I may never meet or know. People who need prayer from someone blessed to still be snuggled in a warm bed while contemplating an uncomplicated day ahead.

A small deed yet one filled with POWER! Heavenly power!

Have a good weekend and take a moment sometime to tap into heavenly power by praying for someone you may not know......

Tammy ~@~


~~Devita~~ said...

Tamyy!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

Darnelle said...


(I know I'm late. I'd like to use the old faithful excuse, "...and I have 5 children you know..." But you have more than me so I'm guessing that wouldn't fly!! :)

Again, Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful!

ChiGirl said...

Interesting you should post on this today. This morning I led our first ever women's prayer breakfast at church. It went really well! It was so wonderful to spend a few uninterrupted hours in quiet prayer. I hope to do it every 2 months from now on.

Love you!

mom said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

What a neat idea! A prayerful morning indeed! :-)

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