Tuesday, October 28

the unexpected

Since it was only at our theaters a few more days, my husband and I took the only opportunity we had to go and see the movie Fireproof tonight.

Having heard much from friends and read reviews about the movie, we've been looking forward to seeing it.

Little did I expect having a great big giant lump in my throat during one of the early scenes of the movie. And I know I won't be giving anything away about the movie by sharing it in case you haven't seen it yet. The wife of the main character goes to visit her parents and as she sits down by her mom who has had a stroke, she says something like, "I wish you could talk to me, mom."

Yup, one of the number one lessons in grieving...you can prepare for all the expected moments, but the unexpected ones will knock you off your feet.

My mom has been gone over three and a half years, but in an instant the memory is fresh. That was me saying that to my mom in her last year of life...."I wish you could talk to me, mom." And she'd smile at me. Always a smile.

And once again I miss our conversations....


BTW, it was a good movie, so do go and see it if you haven't yet!

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