Thursday, October 2

where's your light?

Finally a moment to share a lesson....

Friday night as I was ready to crawl into bed, I noticed that the boys had left the kitchen lights on. So I wandered out to the kitchen and after making sure the dogs were both in, I turned off the outside lights. Then I made my way over to the main kitchen and turned off the lights by the countertops. And there I stood in the pitch black darkness! I had forgotten to leave a light on in my bedroom to maneuver towards. But it wasn't a concern. After all, I've lived in this house almost thirty years and knew my way well. All I needed to do was angle myself to the hallway, take a couple of steps, turn, and I'd be a few short steps from my bedroom. Simple.

Ummm, apparently not simple enough no matter how long I've lived here.


I just caught the corner of the hallway wall.....with my face! Immediately I saw LOTS of stars, felt immediate pain, and slowly sunk to the floor in tears. Once I determined I wasn't going to faint, I slowly made my way to the bedroom needing to sit down right away as nausea waved over me. My husband was woken up by it all and we got some ibuprofen for the inflammation and a big bag of ice to cover the side of my face as I crawled into bed.

The next day I woke up to a nice shiner on my eye as well as a bruised cheek and a black and blue chin all of which worsened over the next few days. This morning I see that it's all beginning to turn those magnificent shades of yellow. Yes, I'm quite a sight!

You know, life can be like that sometimes. You can be going along perfectly fine all on your own because you know the way to go. Life is simple and you handle the challenges in ways that have worked for you before until suddenly it happens.


You realize perhaps it wasn't so simple and you had been traveling awhile on your own basically in the darkness without using any light for your path. And the consequences of doing it your own way are not only felt immediately, but can also have ugly effects that reach into your future.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." ~ Psalm 119:105

God's Word. Always readily available, but if your Bible is sitting on your desk never getting used it is useless. It sheds no light on your path. You have to pick it up, read it, think about it, pray about it, apply it to your life. Hey, you can even sing about it as the verse above has a tune that goes with it!

By shining the Word of God onto your path of life, you WILL see the way clearer and can walk on solid ground. And you'll get the added benefit of His peace while you walk.

Try it! You'll like it! Better than learning the hard way like I did!

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Anonymous said...

That' so funny! Haven't we all done that? I usually fall after tripping on a toy I have forgotten I just stepped over. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tina said...

I knew you would turn it for good :)
I am so sorry that it happened to you.
Love, Tina

Karen said...

I feel that way about the month of October sometimes. I hope your face is better soon!


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