Sunday, November 2

breaking my rules....

Sometimes life happens and you have to break the rules. Like my current personal blog rule of "no blog writing on Sunday". But sometimes, yes, sometimes an event of such great proportion happens and I need to write about it.

And what may that be, you ask?

Well, after church today, we did our usual stop at the grocery store. And lo and behold, what did we see?!

Start the fire burning in the fireplace!

Put on the familiar holiday music!

EGGNOG is in town! Woo hoo!

Yes, sad but true, my family is known to be eggnog-a-holics. My family drinks the stuff by the gallonfuls as long as it is seasonably available. In fact, the two varieties I bought today disappeared at lunchtime. Thank goodness it's on sale right now so we can stock up the frig. And although I do love this stuff, too, I am easily satisfied with one sip every once in awhile as eggnog is not kind to my intestinal track...'nuff said about that topic! LOL!

So tis the season, fa la la la laaa, and cheers as we lift our glasses of eggnog to family and friends!

Tammy ~@~


Kimmie said...

That sounds kids can't drink regular milk (well, some of them) last year we bought a case (from our co-op) of soy eggnog. I tasted it, it was pretty good. Not quite like old fashioned homemade with a bit of cream...but kept them all asking for more.

thanks for your prayers...I firmly agree that the devil isn't happy about it...he gave me grief in getting todays posted. It took over an hour, then showed up double and I had to go in and copy (in case the whole thing vanished) and delete. I only hope that God will bring people who are ready to take action, either in prayer or adoption. My prayer is that we begin to see a ripple of a grander wave of His people rising up to come against the plans of the devil. The orphans are without a voice, so I will have to yell louder.

thanks so much for your prayers, I am feeling better...though no more tears have fallen (and by faith I even wore mascara to church!)...but still a sad pit lurks in my stomach (or somewhere deep?)

thanks again!

mama to 6
one homemade an 5 adopted

ChiGirl said... don't have to lift your glass to me...really, it's ok. YECH! But I did spot it for the first time in our grocery store this week, too. So, like a good wife, I picked some up for your son. DD LOVED the stuff and pronounced it "my favorite". Again I say: YECH!!

mom said...

Well, chances were she was either going to love it or hate it! I'll bet her daddy smiled a bit...hee hee!

Kimmie, one of my sons was on a no dairy diet for awhile and he did try the soy eggnog which wasn't too bad.

{{{{{Kimmie}}}}} Interesting how the devil gave YOU a hard time, too! Grrrrrrr! HA! Just makes me want to pray a little harder!

Tammy ~@~

The Arthur Clan said...

I noticed this in the stores the other day as well and couldn't believe it! I do not care for eggnog, but Bill and several of our kids love it. They are going to be thrilled whenever I buy one to bring home to them. :)

Angie in OH

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