Tuesday, November 11

do you know this person?

You know, sometimes life gets busy and you aren't paying real close attention to everything around you.

An example was yesterday.

It was a busy day of the usual schooling stuff. Plus baking some cookies for my AWANA Chums that evening. Plus getting out all the treasured hats that we inherited from my mother-in-law to pick a few to wear to Crazy Cap night. Plus starting the apple doll project.

Too many pluses. I sound like one of my kids doing math, don't I! LOL! Pluses really aren't a bad thing if you are totaling how much money you saved on coupons OR how many more cookies you get when you make them smaller and don't each as much cookie dough OR how many inches of rain you get when it's been so dry. It's all those pluses that distract you from paying attention that tend to be too many.

Soooo, on one of my last trips back upstairs after taking an apple doll head down to dry into a shrivel by the woodburner, I could hear the voices from the kitchen calling me, "Mom! Moooooooom! Look what she's done!"

Expecting the worst of my littlest, I instead broke out in a laugh!

Do YOU know this person?

Yes, while we were busy finishing up our project, Lovey ate her apple scraps then went back to the table to her writing...and apparently enjoyed making a face on the mannequin head from one of grandma's hats. Yes, we stopped her before she did the full blown face - eye lashes, a nose, some teeth, and rosy cheeks - and her sisters were certain she'd get a scolding, but instead this mother laughed out loud! I did need to talk to her about not having something under all the papers she had been writing her letters upon. Apparently every time she flipped the paper with wet marker, marks were also left behind on mom's cloth table covering. But not to worry as further down that tablecloth are the stained reminders of fingernails being polished.

Someday those little girls will grow up and run across grandma's hats out in storage. May they, too, laugh out loud when they see that face reminding them of a memory!

May your day add up and include the plus of a laugh here and there!

Tammy ~@~


The Arthur Clan said...

How cute is that Tammy?

It always makes my day when the kids makes me feel like one of the other ones is doing something really naughty and then it ends up being nothing. :) Or, even better yet, something you can laugh about.

ChiGirl said...

At least your daughter uses markers on a non-live mannequin...unlike my daughter, your grand-daughter, who likes to use her little brother as a marker mannequin...sigh. It IS funny though...

mom said...

The laughable kind are much better!

And I do hope you took a picture of your live mannequin! I'm afraid that sweet good natured baby is going to be the unfortunate servant to many of the queen's prankster adventures!

Tammy ~@~

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