Friday, November 7

ironing it out

Houston....we have a problem!

My ironing.

For those who may not know, I LOVE TO IRON! Really, I do :-)

But I'm WAY behind and the baskets keep piling up (and NO, you do not get a picture this time! LOL!)

Years ago I devised the perfect solution to keep up with my ironing. Since I had a problem falling asleep on the couch while children sat next to me reading their schooling (and yes, the tales abound!), I decided I needed to be upright and busy in order to stay awake. Not that what they were reading was boring, but the reality was that I had a young family and was often pregnant or nursing which quite often led to one thing......being drop dead tired. So I came up with a practical solution. With my student close by so I could help them if need be, they'd read and I'd iron.

And life was good :-)

And then they started growing up. Suddenly, I tell you!

This year I only have two taking spelling tests on Fridays which is one of my ironing days. Last week one had a review, so I only gave one spelling test. One quick spelling test. I hardly got a shirt ironed in that amount of time, for crying out loud! And those who typically read their other subjects aloud while I iron no longer do that any more. We're down to one reading book that I'm still having her do that way. So there's another 20 minutes of ironing.

The problem is that although they may not need me to listen to their schooling, they do still live here and have laundry. So, I still have plenty of laundry. The older ones take care of their own and they are teenage boys which means they don't notice wrinkles *wink*, so it's mainly my husband and girls. Yes, girls :::sigh::: There lies the biggest problem. Girls and changing clothes. Especially the littlest one. Oh my.

New solutions have been pondered. The one thing I've lacked through the years is actually catching the dryer when it is done and getting the clothes taken care of right away to reduce my ironing. I just never remember it, so perhaps I need to set a timer. And my oldest daughter at home is old enough to iron, so I need to teach her. She's actually been asking which is the prime time to teach. Even her next sister down may be able to do it perfectly fine. And I can talk to Lovey about changing clothes so often, but I don't see a good success rate there...hee hee! That leaves the option of actually setting a time in my week to work on such a task.

Too bad our country's economics aren't as easy to figure out as my ironing dilemma, eh?

Off to my two spelling tests of the day and a time of joyful ironing! :-)

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ChiGirl said...

I iron and watch a tv--something entertaining that I don't have to watch every second but can listen to, as well. It helps pass the time, and if you can't find a decent show these days, rent a season of shows then you can iron away while you watch episode after episode. :-) (wow--that was a major run on sentence.)

Heasleye said...

My own solution for ironing avoid it as much as possible! My husband actually irons more than I do. Of course, there are just three of us here, and my son's clothing just doesn't need it. Maybe my lack of ironing has more to do with my lack of enthusiasm about my personal appearance. Sigh.
Anyway, I like the idea of ironing while listening to a child reading or while watching TV! :)

Dot O said...


What does an iron look like??? LOL.

I've seen you posting on Miz Boo's site so many times and decided I wanted to pay you a visit myself.

The only time I love ironing is when I purchase new fabric for quilting and I wash and dry and then iron it and store it. Other than that, I think ironing is one of those evil things in life we should stay away from!!!

I'm so glad Donna decided to blog. I'm meeting new people almost every day.

Have a great Friday, Tammy!

The Arthur Clan said...

It's so fun to see Dot on here now too Tammy ~ all of you ladies from Donna's blog are wonderful!

I'm truly in awe that you get so much ironing done and that you enjoy it. Ironing is not one of my favorite things to do and I am so thankful that hubby is entirely fine with ironing his own clothes. I'm a jeans/sweaters kind of gal so that helps immensely with my ironing load. :)

Heasleye said...

Ooo! Ooo! I agree with Dot! Ironing new quilt fabric (and ironing while quilting) has probably taken up a much larger percentage of my ironing time than anything else! :)

mom said...

Yes, I realize I am a rare mother who loves ironing! LOL! Ohhh, and the scent of new fabric being ironed...mmmm!

Although I haven't done it in a long time, it does work well to iron and watch something on TV, BUT it has to be something on TV that I don't really need to pay close attention to what is happening on the screen and since I don't watch much TV, when I do watch I usually watch (there, I had to make my d-i-l feel better about her run-on sentence! LOL) I was going to iron and watch TV on election night, but by the time I finally got to the TV everything seemed to already be determined and I lost interest in ironing.

Perhaps instead of writing such long comments I should be ironing! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

joyful and ironing...did I catch that right...isn't that an oxymoron?

I have no -NO- relationship with my iron...but glad that you enjoy yours. Always good to find joy...even in ironing I guess.

Perhaps, if you throw your new fabric in the dryer and whip it out *real fast* you could get that same scent that you could become the 'quick-draw' of the dryer.

I plan to continue my relationship as it is...;-)lol

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

mom said...

LOL, Kimmie! Perhaps you should send your iron to me so I could properly show the poor thing some love! hee hee....

Tammy ~@~

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