Saturday, November 29

knit one two three four five six

While the menfolk headed out for a couple more days of hunting, the womenfolk took on a new task.....


We were up quite late last night as three learned the skills of beginning knitting. And the other three experienced knitters worked on a their own projects.

This morning I took some pictures as they all picked up their knitting as soon as they wandered out into the kitchen. Sorry I couldn't get pictures of all six as one was baby tending and I found it difficult to photograph my own hands....hee hee!

So instead of holding a quilting bee in my garden, we are holding a knitting bee :-)

Enjoy the day in your garden whatever bees may be passing through!

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Donna Boucher said...

Happy Knitting!!!

The Arthur Clan said...

What a fun thing for you all to do together. :)

Noel said...

oh, I wish I had been there!! I've got a couple (or more!) projects going, and I need to rip out a few things, 'cause of mistakes. But I really need to deal with these things. I finished my purple scarf and need to take a pick to show off next to the beautiful skeins.

Enjoy your girls!

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