Tuesday, November 4

a never landing bird

Ohhh, I had a good devotional the other morning based on Proverbs 26:2...

"Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse will not land on its intended victim."

"When an insult or comment is directed to us, we need to weight it carefully. If it is valid, we should act on it, but if it is unfair, we need not to be troubled by it. God asks that we try to be the best we can be. If we are true to our abilities, He will be pleased with us. To the person who does all he is able, an insult is like a bird that never lands, the never hits its target." ~ From Daily Wisdom From the Bible

Having talked to friends who are out in the workplace, I consider myself blessed to be at home. They certainly deal with a lot more criticism from other employees they work with than I do with my children! And I really can't say that I've had to handle a lot of criticism from people I do know whether family or friends.

Hmmm, or maybe I am receiving many comments but they aren't landing anymore?

Perhaps it is a part of maturing to learn not to take everything personally which I did do many years ago, although comments from my children still can be challenging. I've learned to look at what is being said about myself through a few filters.

***Is the comment addressing actual sin in my life? I do need to look deeper at myself and weigh that possibility.
Knowing that my sin can have consequences which reach into the lives of others, I do want to address it. If it is an sinful area, I do need to take it up with the Lord and ask Him for His help through confession and repentance and desiring to change. It's not a life of impossible perfection I am working toward, my rather a life which is pleasing to Him and covered by His grace.

***Is the comment addressing an area of my life which I am being slothful and perhaps not doing my best? Typically I know immediately whether that is true or not. Often times it may be that life is busy and I can't keep up with everything well. Wait, that is more than often times, that is frequently! But that can't be used as an excuse, especially when I am the manager of my time and can choose whether to take care of my responsibilities or do something else with those available moments, you know, like vegging on the computer.

***Is the comment regarding a personal standard which they have but which may not be mine? Then perhaps we need to come to a compromise which will work for both of us. I think of this especially with the neatniks in my family who share bedrooms...'nuff said. There may be nothing wrong with the standard they have set for themselves, but we are a bunch of unique individuals living here who need to work together to maintain unity and peace.

***Is the comment regarding a personal preference which is theirs but not mine? Ha! This one comes up many times at the supper table when children comment about the food. Certainly we could serve cookies and ice cream for every meal which would be their preference, but sometimes you have to mix some meat, vegetables (even those icky ones), rice, and some fresh bread into the meal. I am trying to be respectful and not @@@@@ my eyes when those meal comments come up, but rather let them bounce off me with a smile.

Are you a bouncer or a lander when comments comes your way? I do hope some of these tips will encourage you :-)

And on another topic....DO GO AND VOTE! Every presidential election brings me sorrow for those voting in the western states with a different time zone because it would be hard to avoid all the predictions coming out and not feel discouraged if your candidate isn't in the lead. Remember....every vote counts!

Enjoy your day! It is suppose to be another beauty of an autumn day and I'm looking forward to getting back outside to finish up raking....if I can get up from my desk! Yikes, am I sore! LOL!

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Karen said...

Good thoughts, girl! Too many times I either take criticism and hug it to my chest like a cherished teddy bear or I'm sure that they must be talking about someone else. (and oddly enough, the ones I cling to are probably not valid and the ones that I dismiss probably are!)

enjoy your day!

ValleyGirl said...

A very thought-provoking study, Tammy. I will come back to this again when I have a bit more time so I can think some more!!

My prayers are with America today as she makes history.

The Arthur Clan said...

I think it depends on who is giving me the comment as to whether I let it bounce or land. I do sometimes take constructive criticism very personally and this is where your thoughts will come in very handy.

My vote has already been cast! The nice thing about living in a small town is the very short line at the polls. :)


Heasleye said...

Thanks for sharing those. I'm working to become less of a "lander." I agree that it often depends on who the comment is coming from as to whether or not I let it go or hold on. No matter whom it comes from, I'm trying to ask myself, "Is it true?" and look for ways to grow, even if that means learning to let it go. :)
In Oregon we vote by mail, so we voted over the weekend. :)
Have a great day!

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