Tuesday, November 4

rake moving

What beautiful weather we were blessed with for Election Day! Rather than being stuck in the house and pacing due to normal November weather, we were able to be outside working on some more raking. The kids were in their shorts and either barefoot or flip flopped. Here's three of the workers :-)

Lovey - who is missing from this picture - was busy picking up caterpillars that became uncovered as we raked. She had a whole jar full of them! The caterpillars would curl up in a ball as she took them out to look at a bit closer, so she'd then try to uncurl them wanting them to walk for her. Let's just say that procedure didn't work very well as the words "squishy" and "guts" were frequently used! Yikes!

We couldn't work much past 4:30 PM due to darkness, so our evening will be spent indoors going back and forth from watching election coverage to doing other busy work. It could be a long night OR maybe it'll be a short night as I'll go to bed early and rise with the birds to get the final numbers......

May your election evening be, um, relaxing!

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Donna Boucher said...

I think I will get a lot of knitting done now that it is so dark...less time to take pictures :o)

What a day, huh?

ValleyGirl said...

I can't believe how early it suddenly gets dark these days!! I realize we're only 7 weeks from the shortest day of the year, but it ALREADY feels so short!!

Hey, I'm hosting my very first bloggy carnival next weekend ~ come on over and check out the details.

ValleyGirl said...

Sorry, the carnival is next WEEK, not weekEND.

The Arthur Clan said...

Had a difficult time relaxing last night ~ I finally turned the TV off and took a bath! :)

Looks like you had a lot of good helpers there. Your kiddos are so cute!

Angie in OH

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