Monday, November 24

the simple woman's daybook for November 24th

For today November 24th

Outside my window......the skies are gray and the ground is white. I'm afraid you'll be hearing this same report for several months ahead :::sigh:::

I am thinking.....about all I have to do the next couple of days and trying not to get overwhelmed about all those things I'll probably forget to do!

I am thankful for......the fact that my family will ALL be home for Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait!

From the learning rooms.....
there is no official formal learning going on this week. We always take Thanksgiving week off since it's huntin' season for my menfolk.

From the kitchen.....I'm thawing out a big ol' turkey in my frig, scrubbing down the countertops, and setting out ingredients that I'll need to bake pies.

I am wearing.....umm, at the moment, I'm still in my jammies with my flannel robe thrown over to stay warm.

I am creating.....
a list of all the last minute things I'll need to pick up at the grocery store.

I am UPS a package this afternoon, pick up the mail, and pick up something for supper at the grocery store. I anticipate that my only "going" this week will be running back and forth to the grocery store for last minute items.

I am reading.....The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield which I started last week, but haven't had time to get too far into it yet.

I am hoping.....
that the forecast stays as good as it looks right now for all my Wednesday travelers.

I am hearing.....
the crackle of the fire in the woodburner.

Around the house.....
we are going to be working on cleaning the playroom and laundry area today. I'd also like to get some of grandma's special amber glassware out and washed up to use for our Thanksgiving meal.

One of my favorite my very friendly purring cat who in the morning happily bribes us to let him outside for a sniff of fresh air :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week.....
are cleaning today and tomorrow, baking pies on Wednesday, THANKSGIVING DINNER on Thursday - woo hoo!, and enjoying having my whole family around the house talking and laughing over the weekend.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

While the boys are off hunting, I'm blessed to have my girls around to hang out with and go through a few days of no schedule or routine. We love to watch chick flicks together - you know, the kind that make mom cry - and enjoy eating whatever we want. The evening meal tends to include low lights, candles, special China, and using great grandma's special glasses with sparkling juice to the brim. Heaven help me, but I've taught my girls to be romantics! LOL!

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Have a great day in your garden!

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ChiGirl said...

Of course the only word I read on this page was: PIES!!! I think I'm only going to eat salad from now till Thursday. :-) Mmmm...Pie.

mom said...

You know, I'm beginning to think that I could have bought a little twelve pound turkey and forgot about any side dishes because ALL my family seems to be thinking about these days are the PIES! LOLOLOL!

Mom ~@~ Tammy

Heasleye said...

Your post contains the cozy anticipation of a family sounds wonderful...and yummy! And your special glass looks so similar to my own special glasses from my grandma. I have some with the exact same shape, just slightly different detailing on the bottom. How delightful to spend evenings like this with your girls. Happy Thanksgiving, Tammy!

Sandra said...

Great daybook :) I'm thawing out my big turkey too.

Hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving.

My Daybook Entry

The Arthur Clan said...

I love reading your blog on Mondays! :) And I also love that you and your girls like to watch chick flicks fun!

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