Wednesday, November 26

some fun work for you

Since I have pies to bake and cleaning to finish up before everyone arrives today, I'll give the rest of you who may have extra time some fun work to do. It's optional, nothing too difficult, but definitely time killer material.

FIRST - It has taken me by complete surprise, especially since it's for such an odd thing, but my blog has held a first place position in an online Google search, although I see I'm second place now. I get many hits to my blog due to this phrase. I'm not going to post the phrase, but I'll give you the clues for the three words in the order which pulls up my page.

First word - It's the word that describes the special treat that the blue monster on Sesame Street can never ever get enough of to eat. In fact, he goes slightly crazy when spotting a plate of these!

Second word - It's the name of the holiday we celebrate on December 25th

Third word - It's the word that describe those big tall things that grow outside our homes. Many of these things will make a forest or a woods.

Type these three words and you'll get a simple page with a picture on it. No recipe. No how to's. Really nothing. Have fun :-)

SECOND - One of my favorite catalogs to order from
through the years has been Timberdoodle. They are a committed homeschooling family with a wonderful business. I have loved all the products we have received from them and they have excellent service. Their games are fantastic and challenging and for anyone and everyone. You do not have to be a homeschooling family to love what they sell! Right now they have a special sale going on through November 29th. Check them out right HERE

THIRD - Angela is giving away a special children's (and adults) book about cats called Purry Logic :-) If you love and enjoy the cats in your life, go and enter her giveaway right HERE. She'll be drawing a winner on Friday, November 28th, so hurry over!

FOURTH - After confirming all the votes, the Homeschool Blog Awards winners for 2008 have been announced! Congratulations to the winners and a heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported me with your vote :-) Go and check out the list of winners!

Enjoy this day in your garden doing whatever the Lord puts on your path!

Tammy ~@~

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