Thursday, November 13

thankful towels

A peek into my random thinking these days....

Last night on the grocery list that hangs on the frig I noticed a new item written down. Toilet paper. It seems like that is ALWAYS on the list, but perhaps it is because it is ALWAYS getting used by multiple people in our household. It is a VERY consumable product. In trying to be more frugal, this is one area I can't quite find the answer, you know? Although with all the catalogs packing our mailbox right now, perhaps we need to go back to the Sears & Roebuck days. I'd love to see the look on my kids' faces when I told them that!

As I was pondering the toilet paper issue this morning in bed - okay, I was thinking about my grocery list and when I'd need to run into town, so I wasn't totally thinking only about toilet paper first thing in the morning - bathroom towels came to mind.

Yes, bathroom towels. You know, I have some towels still in operation in my bathrooms from our early years of marriage. That's a LONG time. Twenty-eight years of toweling and still going. Even when towels start getting fringey raveled raggy, they can be cut into kitchen scrub rags, car washing rags, garage grease wiping rags and they just keep going! The investment of good towels at the beginning has paid off in their multi-use and longevity.

Now my kitchen towels don't last as long as they get heavy use on a daily basis, but even those get retired to other duty such as being used while I'm canning. They work great on my kitchen countertop to set the hot jars upon as they come out of my canner. Or to set under cutting boards for stability and to catch water as the kids are cutting vegetables on the kitchen table.

So, yes, today I'm thankful for ever lasting TOWELS! And, okay, I'm thankful for the invention of toilet paper, too! LOL!

What are YOU thankful for on this day? If you need to be encouraged on this day by other thankful hearts, go read what others are saying right HERE

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The Arthur Clan said...

Now that you mention it, I still have towels that were wedding gifts to us almost 15 years ago. They are used to wash the vehicles, clean hubby's hands when he's doing outdoor work, as cleaning rags, etc. I am very thankful for towels and especially toilet paper as well! :)

I am also thankful for our woodburner right now...our home does not have the most efficient heating system and our woodburner really helps keep the chill away. It's my favorite place to sit with a book on a cold, winter night!

Denise said...

Bless your thankful heart.

LAURIE said...

I enjoyed your TT post. After 27 years of marriage - we finally broke down and discarded all of those old ragged bath towels and bought all new, extra large NICE towels. All color cordinated too...we never had that before. Thanks for sharing, I am thankful for towels also! -Laurie

Laurie Ann said...

Now that you mention it...I still have towels I got at our wedding shower 17 years ago! I've added some since then and thrown away less than I should...Hmm....Great post! Happy Thankful Thursday to you.

Esthermay said...

What a blessing to see another crazy woman who is thankful for the most insignificant of spiritual things.
*((Of course, I've yet to find anything in Scripture that says I may not thank God for ScotTissue -- the best value, I might add.))*
You are a woman after my own heart.
God gives us abundant life -- that abundance comes in the little things like TP and soft bath towels and Downey Wrinkle Spray® and Crystal Light ToGo®.
God is GOOD!
Kindest Thoughts,

Bonnie said...

What a FUN post today! Thank you!! In the midst of all of my gratitude, I can be so serious. Thank you for making me laugh out loud this afternoon (and get my co-workers running in here to share the joke...) Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have any towels left, after 31 years of marriage. And if we did, they'd most likely be threadbare! I do have an old, thin towel I call my 'hair towel'. I like to use it to wrap around my hair after my shower - it's not too thick and stays on my head well!

I am most definitey thankful for TP!!!

mom said...

It's always easy to be thankful for the big things God blesses us with, however I love when He opens my eyes to the little quirky things in my life that are blessings, too!

Tammy ~@~

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