Thursday, November 6

thanks of the family kind

A little over eight years ago, a young woman came for a visit. As an only child, I'm certain that our household with nine children and the noise and activity that accompanied them stunned her a bit, well, perhaps more than a bit! Fortunately, that visit didn't scare her to the far ends of the earth and she kept visiting now and then.

A few years later we welcomed her into our family as she became my son's wife. And our journey as in-laws began. A new journey for both of us as we learned the ropes of our relationship. It has been a patient steady walk as I've been learning what my role is as a mother-in-law. We've all heard the BAD mother-in-law stories which make us cringe and perhaps it's good that I do have plenty of children at home to keep me busy and not interfering as God has been gently training me in this role step by step.

After we sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to her this week in our robust way over the phone (minus the howling dog who was still at work), I was prompted to offer a heart full of thankfulness to my Heavenly Father for giving me a treasured friend in this young woman. She has blended right into our family and can be found in the center of the noise and activity when we are all together. Yup, just like one of my other kids with the same sass of personality! (and you'd have to know our family, but that is a compliment!)

My heart is even more thankful as I recognize that the rare bond we share isn't the normal mother-in-law/daughter-in-law kind. Instead, over the years, it is grown to one of affection and love to the degree that I think my heart often drops the in-law part.

So here we are in the only picture I have on my computer of the two of us which was taken on a winter "snow" family trip almost two years ago as we enjoyed some time together on an awesome Apple computer. That was, of course, before we discovered Facebook Scrabble! LOL!

May you, too, have special people in your life to warm your heart with thankfulness!

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Denise said...

Such a lovely tribute to your daughter in-law.

The Arthur Clan said...

That's beautiful Tammy ~ your relationship with her and your post as well. You are both blessed to have such a special connection.

Angie in OH

ChiGirl said...

Oh Mom!! What a sweet surprise when I clicked on the blog this morning! ::teary eyed:: I love you, too. And I agree, we do have a very wonderful and different relationship than any other in-laws I've ever heard of! When I talk about our friendship people always double check,"This is your mother-in-law your so close to??" I'm thankful for you too!

And yes the sass comment is a compliment!! LOL!

Nice picture--It took me a minute to decide where in the world we were. Who took this?? And I wonder what we were so engrossed in?? :-)

Daddy's Chick's said...

What a sweet post . . I am thankful for MIL. Have a blessed day.

stephseef said...

she is a very blessed DIL to have a MIL like you, T. Honest.

Laurie Ann said...

Your bond is indeed a blessing. Happy Thankful Thursday!

mom said...

I have no idea WHO took the picture, I just found it on my computer LOL! Back then I was using my regular camera and never downloaded the CD of our trip onto my laptop. And I'm quite certain we were looking at something VERY important...hee hee!

Love you,
Mom :-)

Kimmie said...


Sweet, can see that it was seasoned by His hand.

9 CHILDREN...why were you keeping this from me...I read that you had many...but are my new hero. It may take a while for me to catch you...but I am inspirted!


~yolanda said...

Very sweet

Serendipity said...

What a beautiful relationship you have with your daughter in law! A blessing indeed!

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