Saturday, November 1

good night, garden

We've been blessed with a spell of warmer weather right now. It's allowing us to spend some time outside doing our fall raking and other yard clean-up. I emptied my last flower pots that had been covered with snow, poor things :::sniff sniff::: and my husband took apart the trampoline and put it away in the garage for the winter.

My husband mentioned possibly tilling the garden today which would be great since all that is left in there are a few kohlrabis. Then I remembered the picture I had taken a couple of weeks ago when I was pulling the last things left in the garden:

This is the BIGGEST kohlrabi we have ever grown in our garden! In fact, the general crop of kohlrabi was larger this season. I typically plant them in the cooler part of the garden, but this year they ended up on the warmer end and boy did they love it! I always leave kohlrabi in the garden until my husband is ready to till since we think they get crisper and sweeter with frost :-)

Yes, it's time to put the garden to bed for the long winter ahead. It's been a good growing season this year and I say good-night with fondness in my heart!

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The Arthur Clan said...

Is that your daughter that we have arranged to marry my son Tammy? :) She's a cutie-pie.

Your garden looks beautiful even at the end of the season. I'm glad that the weather cooperated long enough for you to finish up those end-of-the-season chores you still needed to do.

Angie in OH

Heasleye said...

THAT is a BIG kohlrabi! I'm a bit jealous of your wonderful sounding garden. We only managed a few tomatoes and some herbs. We still have a lot of yard clean-up to do though. I'm always caught between letting the leaves be for awhile and keeping up with the raking. They look so pretty strewn all over the ground! But the longer they sit, the harder they are to rake.

mom said...

Yes, it is, Angie :-)

Because our yard will soon be covered with snow, we always figure that if we don't get the leaves all raked now, there'll still be there waiting for us in the spring! It just makes it easier in the spring if we do them now, if that makes any sense...

Tammy ~@~

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