Friday, November 21

who are you?

A few weeks ago I was introducing a friend of mine - who is a doctor - to a different friend of mine and in the introduction I mentioned that the first friend was a doctor. She immediately stopped and corrected me by stating that she was a person first and preferred others left out the doctor part in introductions.


I didn't really understand her reasoning. I mean, I'm a mom. That's my profession, right? And I enjoy the work - and play....hee hee - that I do on a daily basis. And I don't mind that people mention my profession when introducing me.


Well, it was right when I thought about it then. Of course, the Lord had a lesson about empathy for me.

This past week was spent with a group of women that I didn't know. We did introductions on the first day and I stated that I was a stay-at-home mom. Then someone had to go and ask me how many children I had :::::gulp:::::: and as I quietly replied, "nine", out came all the "ohhhh's and ahhhh's and how do you do that?" which tend to make me feel uncomfortable primarily because nine seems normal to me in a weird sort of way. Add to that a conversation a day or two later about the public schools and a question posed to me about that topic in which I replied, "Actually, we homeschool" and out came those "ohhhh's and ahhhh's and how do you do that?" once again. More discomfort and awkwardness.

And suddenly I understood my doctor friend. She wants to be known as the real person she is who is pretty amazing just like that. No title necessary. And I want to be known as the real person that I am. No title necessary and definitely drop the SUPER anything. Simply me.

Because you know what? God doesn't look at my title or profession. All He cares about is the real me found inside. It's my heart attitude that is important. And that's what I want people drawn to as they meet me. A heart attitude that shines for Jesus!

So, who are you?


Tammy ~@~


Karen said...

If it helps, I don't see you as a mom of nine. I see you as an amazing woman, walking God's path, sharing your wisdom along the way.

mom said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Karen! Truly, it has made my day!

You know, I LOVE being a homeschooling mom to nine children. Yet there is an obvious stereotype that comes with that which is evident on the faces of other people when they learn that information. THAT is the part that makes me uncomfortable since the stereotype can be so inaccurate....

Tammy ~@~

The Arthur Clan said...

I get the ooh's and aah's a lot because most people assume that I am quite a bit younger than I am and are shocked when they learn that we have four children. It makes me feel uncomfortable because I think that they think that I must have started having children when I was 18 or that I "had to get married." At the same time, I don't really want to share my real age with a stranger either.

Oh well, I'll just be the proud stay-at-home mom to four beautiful kids. It's what I feel I was called to do. :)

ChiGirl said...

Such a great post, and at a good time too as far as all the wife-ing and mother-ing things I"ve been thinking about recently. :-) Love you, Tammy. :-)

Heasleye said...

This struck a chord with me. I've been trying to sort out who I really am over the last year. I find it a bit tough to dig down to the core, without all the stereotypes and expectations hanging on. I'm not yet comfortable with it all, but I think I'm getting there. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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