Friday, December 12

effective elusiveness


Ahhh, that elusive thing called sleep.

Seems the odds are working against me right now in actually capturing that elusive thing.

Ohhh, I can fall asleep in the blink of an eye. It's the rest of the night that is a problem right now.

The biggest factors right now are lots of white snow on the ground and a big full moon. The curtains in our home are limited so the house is *bright* - at least to me! - with the moon reflecting off the snow and in through the windows. Last night I was woken up by the dog prancing and dancing to go outside. I went to let her out thinking it must be close to morning due to the brightness and found out it was 2 AM when I crawled back into bed! Moments later a very loud purring cat who must have thought it was morning, too, jumped up on our bed wanting to go outside. NO WAY!

Wish I could say the dog letting out was the first time I opened my eyes after going to bed, but it was the THIRD time.

It seems I tend to sleep light when I'm on call for a birth. I don't let myself stay up too late at night just in case I do get a night call, but find that I don't sleep well anyway due to the anticipation. It's not a nervous anxious kind of thing, but more the real possibility of a night time call. Often babies decide to begin the labor process at night when a mom's body is relaxed and sleepy. As a birth doula I need to be alert and active when the call comes. And for me, each anticipated birth has that Christmas Eve excitement as I can't wait to see the gift at the end of the labor!

Then factor in that it is Christmas season and I have lots of things on my TO DO list. It's not that I'm anxious about them, but I'm always planning how and when I'll do whatever. So, when I do wake up at night I'm telling myself that I need to get back to sleep because I have such and such and such to do in the morning. Probably not a good thing to be thinking about such and such and such.

Oh, and then there's that wacky hormone factor in this season of life that seems to be affecting my sleep as well.

And the final factor of sleep elusiveness for last night was having a cup of coffee right BEFORE supper. What was I thinking?!?!?! I usually stop drinking coffee by early afternoon so it won't affect my sleep patterns.

Ahh, but perhaps the remedy is the best part of the problem for I find the most effective way to fall back to sleep is to pray. Those wonderful popcorn prayers of whoever the Lord may bring to my mind and often I believe that perhaps those are people who may be awake, too, due to various circumstances in their lives. Maybe they are in need of prayer right at that moment, so the Lord wakes me up knowing I'll pray for them.

So perhaps it's not all about how elusive sleep is right now, but instead how great the need is for prayer warriors during this season. You can count on me, Lord!


Have a great alert Friday in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


The Arthur Clan said...

Yeah for you for turning what could be a frustrating problem into a time to pray for others. You truly do inspire me in my faith Tammy!

P.S. I went into labor with all four of our children during the nighttime hours. Little boogers didn't let me have any sleep from the moment they were born. :)

mom said...

I only had one baby that the labor started during the day...all the rest were nightowls :-)

Tammy ~@~

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