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a familiar theme

Yesterday I stopped by Heart of the Matter to check out their Friday meme subject and immediately knew I was out.

Are you decorated already? What’s your ‘theme’ this year?


Once I picked myself back up off the floor, I less gently reminded my boys to go and get all the Christmas boxes out of the corner of the attic since they were initially given the task on Monday and hadn't followed through on it. My goodness, if there's memes out about Christmas decorations already, we had better get hopping!

Of course, even *if* my decorations were all up already I'd still be sadly lacking. Theme? Do homes have different themes every year for Christmas? We seem to have the same old same old every year. The decorations that get spread throughout our home have been around for years. So my theme would probably be called, "Familiar Christmas".

Perhaps this is a downfall of having a large family. No time for this mom to plan a new Christmas theme each year. Someday my children will discover that other families do have a new Christmas theme each year and they will lament their misfortune. When they come home sobbing I'll hand them a box of kleenex as well as one of their favorite familiar Christmas decorations to start their own Christmas theme. And pretty soon all my Christmas decorations will be given away - probably with a fight or two over the favorite items - to all my children and I can finally start planning a Christmas with a theme! Woo hoo! Wait a minute...I'll be around 70 years old then. Do you suppose themed Christmases will still be *in* twenty years from now?

For those who love to do themed Christmases and are looking for new ideas for this year, go and visit Angie. She attended a wonderfully decorated Christmas extravaganza back in November and used her amazing gift of photography to present each table's different theme. The pictures will make you "ohhhhh!" and "ahhhhh!" as well as spark creativity into your Christmas planning life! Check out Part I, Part II, and Part III of her collection.

Do go and check out the meme at Heart of the Matter for more ideas! And I do confess, that when I went to get the link there just now, the meme has changed a bit. Too late for me, so I guess you get to hear about Christmas themes as my before school computer time is up!

And know that in all my teasing about Christmas themes, a "Familiar Christmas" truly is my favorite theme in all its simplicity and tradition. Guess I'm old fashioned, eh? :-)

Enjoy your day!

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Heasleye said...

I'm with you on the "Familiar Christmas" theme! A new theme each year sounds...expensive! I do like to use red, white and silver, so I've collected dishes and accessories that go with those colors over the years. Maybe someday I'll change that up. And someday, I'd like to have two with the "familiar" ornaments and one with a different theme each year. Maybe the theme tree, or at least the ornaments, could be given away each year. I do love Christmas ornaments!
Thanks for your kind note yesterday. We survived Thanksgiving and now look forward to Christmas. And, I checked with Ethan and he's alright with enjoying family trees in Alaska, so we're off the hook with ours. :)

PS - The word I need to enter for verification on your blog comments today is..."bless." :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the "Familiar Christmas" theme as well. Most of our decorations were given to us over the years, so we hardly spend a penny on decorating. We did buy a new artificial tree three years ago though, since a three-part pre-lit tree was much easier to put up than the old variety. Happy decorating!

The Arthur Clan said...

Thanks for the little "shout-out" Tammy. :) I am still amazed at the work those ladies put into their Christmas decorations ~ each table was a work of art!

I went with a primitive theme years ago when I was into that style of decorating. The problem is, I'm not really into primitives any longer but I'm too cheap to change the theme of my tree. We'll probably be primitive for another 20 years or so. ;)

Having themes sounds like a lovely though, but oh-so-expensive at the same time.

(My kids use all of the ornaments that my husband and I made as children, or that were made for us by loved ones, on the little tiny trees that they put up in their rooms. They love that!)

Anonymous said...

Ahh... Christmas themes. I have many friends who seem to always have the perfect Christmas trees every year. I use to feel a bit of envy at this, but just this year I realized that I do have my own "theme." I just didn't realize it.

I remember our Christmas tree when I was growing up. It was full of the homemade ornaments that my siblings and I made over the years. I have wonderful memories of our Christmas tree. I am pretty sure the my mom weeded out some of the less attractive ones, but nonetheless the tree was filled with wonderful sentimental trinkets.

In fact, I just got of the phone with my mom after a discussion of her wanting to pass all of my ornaments back to me! I have also planned a day this year to start the tradition of making homemade ornaments with my children who are almost 6 and 4. So, without thinking about it, I guess I have come up with a theme afterall! Now, I will have to ponder for a name that fits our theme.


mom said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas themes! It sounds like "Familiar Christmas" is a common one and now I don't feel so alone :-)

Each year I give our children a new ornament, so our tree is quite an odd collection as well as joining a few homemade and some old family ornaments, too.

Tammy ~@~

Letitia said...

We, too, have a Familiar Christmas~same theme every year! And you know what? My children wouldn't have it any other way! Sometimes I try to sneak by without putting something out, and, usually someone insists that they love that decoration. Or, they may even tell me that it doesn't matter if I'm tired of it, we ALWAYS have that out...."tradition."
Our kids get a new ornament of their choosing most years, as well, as a few homemade ones thrown in, so we have an interesting, memorable, and personal collection.

Kimmie said...

Our Christmas theme is Ethiopia, simple on the home front. Tree, lights and a tin star on the top. Oh and one fake aluminum silver tree with all the handmade (2008) ornaments hung on its branches in the study (schoolroom).

Have fun unpacking your boxes and decorating.

3 weeks will zoom by I am certain.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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