Thursday, December 4

finding the rhythm

It is quite a well known fact that I have this thing about NOT turning the calendar page. Perhaps I don't like admitting to myself that time is passing as quickly as it is and by NOT turning the page it is my way of slowing down time. HA! Doesn't work, does it?

It is especially difficult to turn the calendar page to December. YIKES! I even had to write that on my "to do" list for December 1st to force myself to do it. All those Christmas activities added to a schedule that is already too full. YIKES again!

And yet, life does begin its own holiday rhythm as the days of December begin flowing. As we ponder what the season is really about - JESUS! - the days begin imparting peace instead of panic.

Today I've written a bit about that over at Heart of the Matter. Take a moment to read about the peaceful rhythm that comes with traditions. And be sure to share some of your own!

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The Arthur Clan said...

I went over to read your thoughts Tammy and loved the reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. During this crazy month, I think we sometimes need to be reminded of that DAILY.

Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder! It was great and much needed!

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