Tuesday, December 16

giving beyond daily bread

This morning I took a few pictures of my little project which I'm working on and enjoying so much, but after looking at the pictures I made the decision NOT to post them. Yes, there's family members who read here and I'm afraid the pictures would give away TMI no matter how I cropped here and there. So, back to keeping surprises :-)

Instead, I guess I'll write about a recent devotional. It was based on Proverbs 30:8b - ".....give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread."

Here's a portion of the devotional that went with it:

"Often we feel that if we can't give a lot we might as well not give anything. That's sad, because it is the little things that often mean the most. We have within our power the ability to give a blessing to someone this very day. We need to look for ways to show our love to everyone around us." ~ From Daily Wisdom from the Bible

When economic times are tough, people often feel that if they can't give a lot or even at least what they gave before, they withhold giving anything at all. They cling to their daily bread. And yet giving isn't all about money, is it? Giving is often more about giving from yourself. From your heart.

It could be helping an elderly person carry their groceries. It could be a quick phone call to check on a sick family. It could be a note to a friend going through relationship issues. It could be a smile at a weary check-out clerk as she hands you your receipt. It could be washing a child's favorite shirt even if you have lots of other laundry to do. It could be sharing a piece of chocolate with a friend. It could be making your husband's favorite meal. Simple things. Little things. Things which may not cost a cent, only a moment of your time. Guaranteed big returns on blessings to them and to you!

Ask God to open your eyes to little ways you can bless those around you by showing them a simple act of love! You'll be glad you did!

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Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy;

What a wise post. I am beginning my day by asking God how I can be used as a blessing to others this day, how He can use me to help someone who might need a lift in spirit.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

The Arthur Clan said...

What a wonderful post Tammy!

I think the thoughtful gifts you listed would be much preferred over a store-bought gift...don't you think? I absolutely love and treasure the homemade gifts I am given.

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