Wednesday, December 17

how many "takes" does it take?

Raise your hand if you've had to take a family Christmas pictures this year.... Yup, just as I thought! Quite a few of you have gone through the many "takes" to get a picture that is just right.

Our own entire family did a rush photo session before church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I am very fortunate that out of four pictures - which is all I could get people to hold still for in the rush - we did get one that turned out reasonably well. Getting 16 people to all look at the camera at once is quite a challenge when you have babies included.

My daughter has been trying to get a family picture taken and after several "takes" with the three of them, she gave up on that attempt. Today she sent me four pictures of just the baby and wanted me to pick the best one. I couldn't decide between two of them and had to call the kids to the computer to pick one. It was a pretty even vote. HA! So we weren't much help for her. Guess we'll find out on Christmas which one she picked as the best take.

Of course, the picture that gave me the biggest chuckle and wasn't in the running for Christmas picture of the year is the one I've posted here. My sweet grandangel baby slid down out of her seat and was enjoying looking under the tree while grabbing at ornaments. What a girl! LOL!

So how many "takes" does it take you to get a good "take"? :-)

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Mrs. E. said...

Oh, that picture is sooo funny, and that little hand and finger pointing up. I think it's so great she took that shot too. As far as our family. . . it takes way too many. Some kids need to go to smile school! I'm just glad for the digital pictures and that you can replace heads now!!

linda said...

I love that picture of your granddaughter! Too funny!

We gave up on the family Christmas photo a couple of years ago. It's hard to get a photo when the kids are in different states. I used to love getting the kids all dressed up, taking pictures, and then picking out just the right card. Great memories.

mom said...

LOL! I'm going to look at your family picture VERY CLOSELY this year to see if the heads match up to the bodies!

It does get harder to get a family picture when they get older, Linda, doesn't it? We weren't anticipating getting a picture this fall, so I was going to use the random one I had from May. And then it worked out that everyone would be home for Thanksgiving :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy;

Well, in the land of the digital, to which I raise my hands and say life has become much simplier. In the days gone by...two rolls of 36 and sometimes, not a picture to be had.

This year we didn't send a Christmas card (newsletter/testimony to His Goodness. As that $300 need to go to our Ethiopian adoption...airline tickets are $1,600 a piece for my Knight and I.

We will send out birth announcements instead this year...still giving all the Glory to Him and hopefully showing all our pagan (those without God) friends, that there is indeed a God and that He is the author of life and the giver of wonderful Jesus and babies born in Ethiopia that come home in January!

*Merry Christmas...added you to my sweet friend list.
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

The Arthur Clan said...

I should go look in my files, but I'd say that I took at least 250-300 shots to try to get a couple good ones this year Tammy. Now I need to go through and delete the bad ones so I'll have more space on my computer! ;)

(Love the fun picture of your granddaughter...those pictures are the best memories anyway.)

ChiGirl said...

Jamie took our family pics on Saturday. It's the first time we've done professional pics of our little family. They turned out AHHH-mazing!! I can't wait for you to see them!! How many takes??....Well....You know the daughter. Surprisingly she did well, she did have to take a brief interlude to collect herself on the couch when she was told to behave or she couldn't be in the pictures. After a few minutes she came back all smiles. Hee Hee!!

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