Thursday, December 4

lingering over thanksgiving

Since my heart is still lingering over our Thanksgiving weekend - perhaps it's because of those four amber goblets I need to find a home for since I couldn't fit them back into the box and now they sit on my countertop staring at me until I do find them a home! - I thought I'd follow the example Iris set and give thanks for our Thanksgiving.

**I'm thankful that with all the traveling everyone did before, after, and during our actual Thanksgiving Day that everyone was safe on the roads with no mishaps at all. Our weather is winterlike by this point, so traveling can often get hazardous in a hurry and it certainly wanted to at various points!

**I'm thankful that ALL my family made it here for Thanksgiving. With a son going into the army in March, my heart really wanted all my kids together and God worked out all the details for that to happen. It's hard to explain the joy that comes from having them all together around the house as they chitter chatter - and the boys wrestle! - and enjoy one another's company.

**I'm thankful that everyone was healthy throughout the long weekend. We've had to cancel Thanksgivings in the past due to illness. I specifically remember the year of chickenpox which prevented some family coming.

**I'm thankful that we all pestered my step-dad enough that we got him to come to Thanksgiving Dinner. The last time my parents and my in-laws were here was for Thanksgiving in 2002. After that their health issues began and over the next few years three passed away. My step-dad has always been grandpa to my kids and we were all missing him a great deal as he became an invisible presence in our life. I cannot tell you what a joy it was to have him here and he's since called four times with each call emphasizing his thankfulness for all of us and our pestering ways.

**I'm thankful that the boys went back hunting for a couple of days after Thanksgiving so I could spend quality time with my big girls and little girls, too. My goodness, it was fun! I am SO blessed! It was also a delight to get to know my older son's girlfriend of a year and to learn how to best encourage her in the days ahead. We enjoyed our special meals, knitting, and sniffling together as we watched Anne of Green Gables.

**I'm thankful for the bounty of food on our table. We are definitely feeling the effects of our country's economics, yet God's provision is always timely. I'm challenged to find new ways to cook which will need to be money savers yet tasty.

**I'm thankful that all three of my grandbabies were together so I could finally get a picture with the three of them to set in my kitchen. It is neat to watch them develop into their little personalities and see that they are all growing too quickly for this grandmama!

**I'm thankful for the extra God time I had during that time. From the previous Friday until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I was blessed to have some quality early morning time with the Lord. My menfolk were away hunting and my girls easily stayed up too late each night which meant they slept in the next morning. Those factors allowed me a nice chunk of time each morning to spend in my devotions as I sat by the warm woodburner. Quality and quantity time with the Lord :-) What a treasure!

**I'm thankful for a faithful God who loves me not just on Thanksgiving, but every moment of every day!

What are you thankful for on this day?

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The Arthur Clan said...

It makes me happy just to read about your thankfulness. :) It sounds like you had an absolutely perfect holiday with your family.

Laurie Ann said...

What a great list of blessings! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Tammy W said...

Great thankful list!

Nice Name!!

God Bless You!

Denise said...

Such sweet blessings.

Angela said...

You have a wonderful list. I'm so happy about your step dad coming over, how wonderful! I listed my thanks here we have several that are similar.


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