Tuesday, December 9

maintain at all costs

"There is only one relationship that matters, and that is your personal relationship to a personal Redeemer and Lord. Let everything else go, but maintain that at all costs, and God will fulfill His purpose through your life. One individual life may be of priceless value to God's purposes, and yours may be that life." ~ Oswald Chambers

If that statement doesn't make you stop in your tracks, I don't know what will!

Perhaps it mainly caught my eye because that seems to be a theme within the Christian community right now....develop relationships. It's all about relationships. Take time for relationships. Reach out to others and cultivate relationships. Ministry is relationships. Yes, I will nod my head to each one of those. Relationships are important whether amongst believers to encourage one another or whether amongst unbelievers to share the love and hope found in Jesus.


There seems to be less conversation about THE main relationship. Making your relationship with God the highest priority. Saying "no" to other activities which may interfere with that primary relationship. Not allowing time with God to be squished out of your schedule because your schedule is too full with too many other things. Giving up all that stuff that has no eternal purpose and saying "yes" to God first.


When you've maintained your key relationship with God, your life will naturally overflow into your other relationships. You have taken the time to be abundantly filled with your main relationship with God to be able to give to others. You will become less drained by others because you will not be operating in your own strength, but you will be operating in His strength from that time spent with Him. God's purposes can then be fulfilled through your life.

So, in the midst of this Christmas season....how are you doing with that? Have you been stopped in your tracks as I have been this morning....

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Tina said...

I needed this reminder today.

The Arthur Clan said...

A beautiful reminder Tammy. I am blessed everytime I stop by here.

stephseef said...

Tammy, this is good stuff. I was stopped in my tracks in a similar way when I was at the Cove with Anne Graham Lotz last month. But I confess that I trip over the word 'maintain'... because for me, that word hasn't been good enough.... if i don't pour into my relationship with Jesus, then maintaining inevitably leads to slipping... it's just a matter of semantics, for sure - as I know what he's getting at. and your post reminds me of needing to stay connected ONLY to the True Vine. Thanks for being so faithful, Tammy. You're good for my soul.

Anonymous said...

That's a great quote and thought. I think we all desire that relationship with God in our lives, yet we can get so easily distracted from our primary purpose. Thanks for sharing this today.

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