Wednesday, December 10

the missing merry

It can be easy to get caught up in the merry part of the season. The traditions. The baking. The secret present making. The sights and smells and sounds.

Then suddenly you realize how quickly life can change and the merry gets lost.

My husband came home from work yesterday with some sad news. He had stopped at a business on the way into town only to be greeted unexpectedly with a closed sign. One of the former owners came out to him and shared that an employee - the one my husband usually worked with - had passed away at work. We don't know the details nor do we need them. We do know that that his family and friends need our prayers!

There is never an easy time of the year to lose a loved one. But it does seem that December is more difficult because it holds so many traditions and memories which involve people we care about and love. Personally I have experienced the loss of a sister, a grandmother, and my mother-in-law during this month through the years.

So do take a moment to offer a kind word or a hug to someone you may know who is going through a grieving season. Do extend a kind word to someone who you may not know when they seem rather grumbly in the check-out line for their merry may be missing due to circumstances in their life. And even better, whisper a prayer for them to find God's peace in the midst of this season......

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ValleyGirl said...

It does always seem harder this time of year, doesn't it? This is a good reminder, Tammy.

The Arthur Clan said...

Losing a loved one is always difficult...but I can't even imagine it right around a holiday that should hold only happy memories.

I have a friend whose dad passed away from cancer last year on Father's Day. It was absolutely devastating.

linda said...

So sorry to hear of your news. Thank you for the gentle reminder to reach out a little more to those who are hurting, especially at this time of year.

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