Saturday, December 6

sew what?

What's the saying? Always a day late and a dollar short? That would describe me at this moment. I've had some quirky ideas about things I could sew as Christmas gifts this year - yes, it is not September anymore, but three weeks before Christmas! - and so I went on the search for the patterns I knew I had somewhere. Honestly, I have drawers of patterns. Plus I've inherited the ones my mom had in her collection. Here's a sampling:

Yes, I finally found one of the patterns I had been seeking in my mom's collection of patterns. The pattern pieces were all enclosed, but alas, NO SEWING DIRECTIONS! I am going to pull the pieces out today and see if I can figure out how to sew it together on my own. And if not, I'll maybe have to seek out purchasing a pattern although the last time I did that I about fainted at the price! Yikes!

The unexpected thing that happened while on my pattern search was feeling my heart beat again. Years ago I did a lot of sewing. Sewed shorts for my boys, dresses for my girl, clothes for myself. As I went through all the patterns I felt like a person who had just crossed the desert and was dying of thirst....the patterns were my water! Yes, I am dramatic at times, aren't I? hee hee! But it will be a challenge to keep focused on Christmas and not on a sewing project...well, except for those Christmas sewing gifts I hope to do!

Are there activities in your garden that keep your heart beating?

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Heasleye said...

Wow! You have a lot of patterns! It's great to find/do things that make your heart beat. :) I like taking photos and making quilts, but I haven't made a quilt in too long.

mom said...

You are very good at photography, Elaine :-) And my heart beats delightedly when I'm quilting, too!

Tammy ~@~

The Arthur Clan said...

Sewing (in any form) makes my heart beat terror. I am so terrible at it. I really look up to people (like you and Elaine) who enjoy it though. What a wonderful hobby for you to enjoy. :)

Photography and Rubber-Stamping make my heart go pitter-patter right away a good way!

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