Monday, December 29

simple woman's daybook for December 29

Although Peggy is taking the week off from hosting The Simple Woman's Daybook, I'm kind of stuck in the habit - LOL! - so I'll be posting this journal just like I do every Monday :-) Enjoy!

For today, December 29

Outside my is a heavy gray day with a snowflake or two in the air.

I am thinking.....about a conversation my husband and I had a moment ago about winter employment.

I am thankful.....that the cat graciously only licked a corner of the lemon bars in the pan that I had taken out of the oven before bed and had set on the counter to cool.

From the learning's still pretty quiet as we are on vacation for another week. The kids are all doing other things they enjoy :-)

From the kitchen.....
I'm still doing some Christmas baking. I know, I know....Christmas is over, but we haven't had our family get-together yet so I allowed myself to dilly dally on getting all our favorites baked. I'm also thinking a lot about SOUPS! :-)

I am robin's egg blue exercise pants and a long sleeved white shirt. If I'm ever not wearing exercise clothes on a Monday morning, be sure to hold me accountable and ask if I've been to Curves yet!

I am still creating.....knitted Barbie afghans. I've started one, but pulled it all since it was turning out way too big for Barbie's couch after having knitted several rows. So, I'll adjust my pattern with fewer stitches and if that doesn't work, Barbie will get a throw quilt for her couch.

I am going.....
to the library, the bank, and the post office today.

I am reading.....
nothing as I finished the book I was reading a couple of days ago. I'm considering re-reading it instead of starting something new.

I am hoping.....
and praying that we don't all get this *bug* because I'd be very sad if we had to cancel our family get together here over the long New Years weekend.

I am girls chit chat about this and that as they sit in the kitchen close by me.

Around the house.....everything has been generally picked up from our Christmas holiday, but the house needs a good cleaning.

One of my favorite things.....
is listening to my littlest when she is playing by herself.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....will depend upon the health of our family. Our older ones and families had planned on traveling here this week for a long weekend new years celebration and present opening. My plan was to clean the house and get bedrooms ready today and tomorrow as well as make out the menu plan. And then once they were here, the schedule was to relax and enjoy our time together. I guess I can still clean whether they come or not, eh?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

This ceiling tile in the living room was popped out for whatever reason (our computer is below there so perhaps the boys were running wires somewhere or something) and Scooter our cat must have crawled up into there to wander around last night. All of a sudden someone noticed him sticking his head out! It was so funny to watch him and when I took the picture it looks like he's actually waving his paw "hi!" to me. Silly silly Scootie! Oh, and how wonderful that I could do a Mac promotion with this picture! hee hee!

Enjoy your day!

Tammy ~@~

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The Arthur Clan said...

I was turning and twisting trying to figure out that picture and then I finally read your description. So funny!

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