Tuesday, December 23

stay away from snowbanks!

This week when I read in the news about the anticipated build-up of an additional 30,000 American troops in Afghanistan next year, my stomach took an unfamiliar kind of tumble. It's not that I haven't read that type of news before and stopped for a moment. It's that reading that news now with a son entering the army in the new year puts a different slant on how my heart responds. He could be one of those additional troops......

Then I'm brought back to reality.

Later last evening, my son stopped home to pick up his dog and head to his place. I never heard him, by the way, however my husband heard the door opening, the dog greeting, and the door shutting. About twenty minutes later though I was woken up when someone called from our bedroom door....."Dad?" A brief story was shared about traveling on the back roads, reaching back to pet his pooch who was snooting him, and then sliding into the snowbank. Sliding so well into the snowbank that he was stuck beyond his capabilities of getting out. He had walked home to get his rust bucket pick-up truck which has a continuous right blinker issue as well as a clutch wanting to die and would be back first thing in the morning to get his dad's front end loader to pull his vehicle out of the snowbank.

I fell back to sleep with a smile on my face knowing that his love for fishtailing on the snowy back roads probably factored into the dog petting which led to the sliding into the snowbank.

Gosh, I love that kid!

And I'm trusting God to wake me up during the night when my son needs my prayers in the future. It'll be me whispering in my bedroom, "God?"

Stay safe on the roads during your holiday travels!

Tammy ~@~


The Arthur Clan said...

My mom has always said that it never matters what age your children are...you'll always still be worrying for them and praying for them at the same time.

It's easy to see just how much love you have for all of your kiddos Tammy. It's a beautiful thing to read.

Tina said...

I can totally picture all of this. :) Makes me smile.

mom said...

Your mother speaks truth, Angie! Right now I'm pacing and praying as I know my oldest is traveling with his family on nasty icy roads in another state.

LOL! You can picture it, can't you, Tina, since you know the boy, his vehicles, and the long snooted dog. Plus you've probably heard about his driving...hee hee!

Tammy ~@~

keri said...

A-HA!!! I knew he'd get his vehicle in a pickle eventually!! ;) Good post mom... :)

Dot O said...

We do keep God busy, don't we. I'm sure we will all keep your son in our prayers in the coming months. Hopefully, things will improve over there in the New Year.

We will worry about our kids until we draw our last breath - that is a 100% guarantee.

Merry Christmas Tammy!

Tina said...

I have seen his driving :) He scares me. . . I love his example in my boys life, but not in the stunt driving department LOL

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