Tuesday, December 2

a sunday peek

As I was looking through our family pictures AGAIN trying to pick out the second best one since the best one appears to be a little blurred when printed, I found a few random pictures that my oldest had taken as he was testing the light in the kitchen before our family pictures.

As a mom, I have to say that this picture makes me smile :-) It was taken Sunday morning and is a peek into the bathroom where my four daughters and my granddaughter were all getting pretty in front of the mirror as they got ready for our pictures and then church. Don't you love the two Barbie cars parked outside the door? Ahhhh, girls.......

Tammy ~@~

1 comment:

The Arthur Clan said...

Oh my word, that is one of the cutest photos ever Tammy!

Gotta love all those girls. :)

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