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a surprise gift

Earlier this week at the training meeting I attended, our group had the task of taking a spiritual gifts survey. Sooooo many statements on a list as you tried not to overanalyze each one as you read through them. Some statements were quick and easy; other statements made you stop and this me? or not?

The email arrived with the listing of each person in our group and their top three spiritual gifts. It was so cool to see the variety within our group and I immediately thought about the verse which talks about how the body is made up of many parts. How difficult it would be if we all had only one main spiritual gift, yet h
ow well ministry can run when we are all operating together using such a wide range of talents! And even from the short time our group has been together in the training, many of their spiritual gifts were already noticeable and it didn't come as a surprise to see them in their top three.

Having taken a different spiritual gifts survey not too long ago, my new list was almost identical to my old list. Almost. The third item on my list came as quite a surprise.


Did your eyebrows raise?

After my surprise, came a quick sense of panic! The big OH OH! The Lord is going to make sure I use THIS gift! YIKES!

Then I calmed down as I tried to remember the type of statements that may have led to the determining of this particular spiritual gift. I believe the statements were about desiring a simple life, trusting that God will meet all my needs, giving to others (in a variety of ways) when a need is presented, finding ways to give to others in a manner that will not draw attention to one's self, etc.

Whew! Those types of statements do fit me, although I still find the name of the gift intriguing. I need to think of the positives of such a gift and not immediately dwell on the negatives that come with the word. Poverty. And as long as my spiritual life is not one of poverty, but one of savoring and sharing God's riches, I think I'll be just fine!

How about you? Have you taken a spiritual gifts survey lately? You may be surprised!

Tammy ~@~

P.S. I can say with all certainty that this particular gift has never been applied to telemarketers or email do not call or write! :-p~


ValleyGirl said...

Yes, one never really associates poverty with being a gift, eh? Maybe I need to rethink how I view our current financial situation...

Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Tammy.

The Arthur Clan said...

That was an interesting title for a spiritual gift Tammy...I'm glad you explained it in more detail or I'd probably been left wondering about that one.

I took one of these tests almost 10 years ago and my top gift was organizational abilities. I am quite certain that this is still my top gift ~ it comes in handy when I am directing our VBS program each year! And it makes it a very enjoyable task for me as well.

mom said...

Honestly, I've never heard of such a spiritual gift before either. Perhaps it comes from having a large family and living a bit more differently out of necessity? It becomes part of who you are because it is a lifestyle? I dunno. I'm sure I'll get a description of the gift when I go back in January.

I do believe you have the gift of organizational abilities, Angie! You do seem to be a very organized a good way! :-) I used to be once upon a time :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Wow, never heard of it referred to as that before. {poor in spirit, yes, but not as a gift...though when you think about it...certainly it is a gift.}

It has been a while since I've done one...I make my way through the "nots" to find out hopefully all the gifts that have been given. Sometimes the "nots" are easier to see in myself then the 'haves.' Did you find this to be true too?

Bet that was a wonderful group!

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