Wednesday, December 31

'tis the end

This morning I finished up my devotional for the year which covered the book of Proverbs. There's always so much wisdom for life found in this book of the Bible. Perhaps it would be good to read a chapter a day during our morning school devotional time to start the new year. My kids are all at the age of needing to APPLY more wisdom in their lives.

Of course, the final days of the devotional were reading about that dreaded perfect proverbs woman. But you know what? She looked different to me this time around. A couple of things have shifted in my perspective through the years.

I realize that NO person is perfect which means that has to apply to the proverbs woman, also. Yes, the chapter highlights all her wonderful traits, but perhaps she had bad handwriting or didn't regularly scrub her kitchen sink or had dust bunnies under the beds? Not that I'm nitpicking. I just believe that each person has a story which we often never know or see. *Stuff* which comes from their particular life story - whether positive or negative - and which doesn't surface, but is a part of who they are as they go through their days.

I also believe that the proverbs woman is older. All the wonderful traits that are spoken of took many years to develop. I remember reading through this chapter back in my 20's with small children and thinking that I fell far short from being a proverbs woman. Far short. In fact, I'd probably NEVER come close to that perfect woman. Ohhh, I'm not there yet, but God has definitely developed some character into my life over the last thirty years through the experiences He has provided.

Instead of looking at the proverbs woman as someone who is too perfect, I now look at her as someone who I'd like to sit and chat with as she "makes coverings for her bed." Yes, we could quilt together! She's a gardener like me as she plants her vineyard and could give me tips for dealing with chipmunks in my garden. She's an early riser, too, and laughs at the days to come. She has the kind of wisdom which I'd enjoy talking to her about as she obviously must be around peri-menopausal age...hee hee..

But the thing that she has that seems to have taken me so long to learn is not to live by the world's expectations. It really is not about beauty or popularity. It's all about God.
Finding peace through a relationship with God. And then living in a manner that will please Him and bring glory to His name. Because really, at the end of your life, that is the ONLY thing that is going to matter.

My hope is that this end of the year thought is not too disjointed. I began typing in a quiet kitchen and suddenly people were up and talking and cooking and my thoughts suddenly wandered and got lost! YIKES!

Enjoy your last day of the year!

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Mrs. E. said...

Amen Tammy! Wonderful. Thank You.
Happy New Year to all of you!

God's Girl said...

Oh... thanks for sharing this tonight. My husband just told me that he thought I was a Proverbs 31 woman and I just cringe because I know how much I fall short.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy New Year!

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