Thursday, January 15

a definite advantage

It's TWENTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO at the time I am typing this (8:30 AM) and that is not factoring in the windchill which drops the temperature even more. Yes, it is indeed a very crisp extreme cold outside at the moment! Brrrrrrrrrr!

And here we all sit about to begin school for the day. It's a definite advantage of homeschooling....we don't have to close when a widespread area of the state has schools closed due to the extreme cold temperatures or a heavy snow storm passing through the area. Nope, we go about our school day as normal. What's interesting is that we will get phone calls from children who want to play today because they don't have school. Sorry, unavailable.....

What will be even nicer is being able to play in warm May when our schooling is done for the year while the local schools are still stuck in school during June as they make up their cold/snow days.

Uh huh.....definite advantage :-)

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

I'd say you're welcome for the cold, but we still have ours, so you obviously didn't get it from us!!! INSANE. (we're at -52F with windchill)

I am SO looking forward to May!

theArthurClan said...

It's only 1 degree here, but the schools closed due to icy conditions. My kids are thrilled, of course. ;)

Your area is freezing lady! Wow.

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