Friday, January 2

garden daydreaming

Usually the trickle begins in January, but in the busyness of the holidays I forgot to mention that my first - and so far ONLY - gardening catalog arrived in the mail before Christmas! I put it aside until I'd have time to browse through it and dream a bit. This is the company that I typically order from, so I'd like to already be considering some new things to plant this coming year. We'd like to add a couple more apple trees in the yard this summer as well as re-establish our raspberry patch.

So, as soon as it gets quiet around here again, I'm going to spend some time daydreaming about gardening that big snowy patch in my yard :-)

Tammy ~@~


Angela said...

Happy New Year to you! I hope you have a great 2009. I wish you lived close so you could help me start a garden, I have always wanted to have one but I can't seem to keep a plant alive! lol!


The Arthur Clan said...

I daydream about camera lenses and you daydream about your garden. :) I can't wait to see your abundant harvest this year. I wish I could be there to take photos of it for you!

mom said...

Wish I lived close enough to help you learn to garden, Angela! :-) And Angie, feel free to take a little trip and photograph my garden anytime you want! I'm quite certain you'd do a better job than me photographing it :-)

Tammy ~@~

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