Friday, January 30

it's running

A few weeks ago my littlest had a runny nose. Actually, she called it a snuffy nose because she had to keep snuffing it...until the snuffing would drive her mother crazy at which time that snuffy nose would welcome a kleenex! Because we weren't certain if she was beginning the dreaded *BUG* that the rest of the household was getting, we kept her away from church, play try-outs, and AWANA. And the snuffing continued. No other symptoms with it. She still has it a bit.

And guess what? Now *I* have the snuffy nose! No other symptoms, just a nose that prefers to run constantly. Unlike my daughter, I'm not much of a snuffer and prefer the kleenex blowing. The weird thing is that it's a tingly runny nose that feels like it's going to sneeze all day long, yet it doesn't. Then suddenly there is a rare sneeze and it feels ohhhh so good!

I'm not certain if this qualifies as official sickness that requires bed rest and a good book for mom? But I'm thinking that since I basically feel quite normal, it just means I haul a kleenex box around with me all day......or snuff.

Hope your day is snuff-free!

Tammy ~@~


theArthurClan said...

Even if you're not full-blown sick...that's still just no fun Tammy. So annoying!

Hope your snuffles leave you soon. :)

mom said...

Thanks, Angie! I'm hoping the same!

Tammy ~@~

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